Are You Here To Have FUN?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


What a fucking perfect way to spend a summer, eh? Jesus, I can't count the many bodies I've bathed in trying to wriggle my way out of captivity like a goddamned worm. Oh, did I tell you? I'm sure someone must've so I'll spare you the trouble. Meh, I don't give a fuck.

Anyway, Dipshit found her way to the hellhole I mentioned. Took her about half an hour to get through the fucking front door. Bitch can't handle a ten foot deep ditch, I guess. Ha! Well, anywho, she finally got her two-cent detective ass in the house. It was quiet, which pissed me off. You can't work your way around traps! That's no fun! Pft! Whatever. It was about five minutes before I threw caution to the fucking wind and decided to make a little surprise visit. Oh ho, it was a surprise alright. 'Course, I'm not one for surprises unless someone gets killed... or if it's someone other than me being surprised. Ugh. The smug slut knew I'd come. Oh, we had a nice chit chat as usual, a bullet or two flew my way but other than that it was just fucking peachy. Especially when she brought little fucks to join the party. Oh, sure, I could fight off those bastards with one arm cut off if I'd wanted. But you know, boredom is a bitch. Besides, it had been awhile since I'd been tortured for information. It was actually more fun than I thought! I might have to do that shit from now on! Hehehe!

So, if you brain dead fucks haven't figured it out yet, that's where I've been for the past few months. I fucking love to scare the living shit out of the people who took me back to headquarters to interrogate. Danced around like jittery little fleas that needed to chill and get laid bad. Ha! Well, aside from it being fun (which in the end, is the only thing that matters!), it turned out pretty damned smart of me to remain in captivity. I always knew what the brainless detective was up to, which was basically fucking around in a wild goose chase. They scoured the house clean except for one room that was hot-wired to a "mini" explosive that would send the whole neighborhood to hell and back in a sea of flames! Eehehehehe, oh, how I wish I could've seen that! But the smart asses didn't even attempt to break through the fucking door. Ugh. Kill-fucking-joys, I swear.

It wasn't long before Birnhaum decided she wanted to talk face to face with yours truly. Sashayed her way in, didn't you, you fuck? By the way, sorry about the arm. I'll be sure to tear it off next time and watch as you bleed to death! Haha! Anyhooters, she sat her skinny ass down across from me. Can't remember what I was doing; I knew I must've flipped the bitch off when she slammed some fucking paperwork on the table between us.

"What's behind the door, Zero?"

"Suck dick, bitch. Your men disabled all my traps. Like fuck I'll cooperate."

She did that lean where her hands gripped the sides of the table and gave me an ugly ass glare. God... I bet she looks just like her jackass mother. "Then why are you here?"

"Fuck if I know." Ha! Bitch didn't give away any kind of sign that she's was annoyed, but ooh, I could sense it. Not used to having things not go your way, eh?

"We've kept you here for five months-" Shit. Got carried away in my fun, didn't I? Hehehe. "-and we've come no closer to closing this case than we did five months ago." You're a pretty dumb bitch, aren't you then? "... The torture can stop. All you have to do is talk."

"Tell you what. Go jump into a pit of fiery molten lava and then we'll fucking talk."

"You said we were the same." Oh fuck, not this again. Bitch seriously let it get to her head. "And I have a feeling I'll find out how when I get through that door."

Uh huh. Keep telling yourself that. But this was interesting. First time in five fucking months since they mentioned opening that goddamned thing. Dumb shits were finally finding a way around the bomb. Pft! At least my time wasn't wasted having fun in this hellhole. Ha! So by this time the bastards probably figured out they needed something from me. Dipshit Detective didn't miss a beat.

"What's the code, Zero?" Bingo.

"1-800-Fuck-the-shit-off-before-I-slice-open-your-throat." Didn't know bitches her age still threw tantrums. Like, seriously, flipping over the goddamned table and knocking me over isn't gonna get you anywhere, dumbass. Still amusing as fuck, though. I swear I busted open a lung or some shit laughing.

Cutting to the chase, quite literally, I'm on a chase. After our little fireside chat, I decided Birnhaum's progress was too fucking close for comfort so I broke out. They had the most creative ways to try and get me to stop, but other than that it was easier than blood pie. Hehe. About fourteen men and the detective herself. Tell me something Birnhaum, how does it feel to have compassion? Hmm? All those people you love and care for, dropping like fucking flies on a hot ass summer day? I'll tell you one thing... at least their blood tastes pretty goddamned amazing. EHEHEHEHEHE!!

So, without further adieu, I've got a bomb to set off. Surviving that thing is going to be FUN. See you fucks later!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Wanna Know What My Week Has Been Like?

Shit. This week has just been full of shit. Oh, but why should any of you be surprised? Assumptive bastards. Think you have it all figured out. And now I find myself becoming the prey... Fuck irony. I'll cut it's fucking jaw apart and rip it's body in half.

What? No. I'm not pissed. Like I was with Ella last I saw her. By the way, Ella, you're detective skills can kiss my ass. You're so fucking slow. Wonder how long it'll take before she finds the little present I've left for any intruders who DARE enter that place? A hellhole, that's what it is. Have fun burning in hell, Ella! Ha!

Oh, wait, I guess I have something else to say for those who give a flying rat's ass. Moving on from where I left things off last time, I searched for Dark Entity after my confrontation with Dipshit Detective. Fucker wasn't easy to find; I can only assume he was luring me to lord knows where for environmental advantages or something. The rat finally stayed put long enough to have a fucking conversation with me after about two hours or so worth of chasing. We hit it off nicely~

"Let me start off by saying that if your incessant meddling proceeds beyond this conversation, I'm going to pummel you within an inch of your life, Dark."

He gazed at me through his empty eyes before nodding. I spat at the ground; fucking emotionless bastards. "I'll make things simple, then. You will pursue the Ella girl no further."

"Wrong answer." Before I could even move my scythe by a fraction of a meter, it was abruptly stopped by an extra set of hands; one firmly grasping the scythe and the other with a knife at my throat. I made to kick my assailant in the balls but the little shit smacked me in the back of the legs with the spine of my weapon. I fell to my knees; rolling forward I was able to stand myself upright in time to catch the knife he so willingly gave me right in the bullet hole wound. Unsheathing it from my body, I smiled and laughed as I licked the neck of the bloodstained knife.

"You look tasty. Mind if I have a taste? Heehee!" He crouched lower, the hood of his coat barely concealing the golden hazel glimmer. After which he did so, however, he rose back to an upright stance. I glared as I returned my gaze to Dark.

"If your pursuit for the girl does not desist, I will have him eliminate you at once," he said.

"Too afraid to do it yourself?" I mocked, waving the knife in his direction.

"I cannot concern myself with your mediocre trifles. This is the only warning I am offering you: Do not pursue Birnhaum."

"Any of you goddamned know-it-fucking-alls wanna tell me why before I get the urge to slash your throats?!"

"A proxy gifted with foresight has no need to ask questions." And in one fucking fell swoop, the bastard disappeared taking the assassin along with him. Oh, AND GUESS WHAT?? Assholes took my scythe right along with them!!! Oh, oh! I'm still in possession of the knife, though! You won't be needing this, will you Mister Assassin?? Heehee~

Any-fucking-who, the past week has been a downer. Haven't seen anybody for miles. God fuck, I have the urge to kill something!! Eighty-five won't simply due on my record!!! I need more!! I NEED TO BE FREE.

So, maybe I'll go kill off some boredom and watch Ella run around with her head cut off. Or was the term 'like a chicken with its head cut off'? Oh well!!! I'll be entertained either way! Hahahahahahahaha!!! Looking forward to it, Birnhaum.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Fateful Encounter

Well, well... You enjoy teasing me, don't you, Dark Entity? Like a dollar bill hung on a string, you dangle the fucking thing in my face and watch me chase it without end. You're also the bastard who's making all the people disappear. Just who the hell would it be if it weren't you? But don't take me as another run-of-the-mill proxy. You're stupid trick is just an elaborate, twisted game of hide-and-seek.

Moving along... the location the lovely Mr. Saint escorted me to after his oh so perfect interruption turned out to be in a wooded area of Wisconsin. Wonderful. I tried reaching closer to civilization, but whaddya know, everyone up and left town moments before. What a coincidence. I broke into a nearby house and printed out a map in case this piece of shit decided to die on me. Or got no reception. Whatever.

It took me two whole goddamned days to teleport back to the west coast. It would've taken me one but I figured the attention humans would give me at the sudden sight of my apparition would get me on some proxy's shit list. Death does not concern me, but I'll be damned if that bitch lives and breathes on my watch.

Which brings me to the main event. I made it to my destination without any delays. I could have teleported in the middle of the fuckin' city and it wouldn't have mattered, but retard me decided to keep low. And, with wonderful luck, I wasn't the only one.

We hit things off great. Greeted each other face to face, weapon to weapon, glare to glare. I stared straight into the barrel of her gun as the blade of my scythe rested upon her cheek. I smiled with glee at my discovery. Sorry to say my joy was not returned. At least, not in the same sense as mine. Heehee! My, my, you've become quite determined, haven't you? You even acquired the murderous look I thought would never cross a face such as innocent as yours. HAHAHA!

"Zero," she murmured, cocking the trigger.

I pressed the blade closer to her face, ecstatic at the sight of the blood trickling down her face. Oh, how long it had been since I've been blessed to see the glorious red rivers! Aha! I was itching to get more, and, oh, did little bitch know just what was crossing my mind. You've been reading my blog have you, little cunt? You know my lust for blood has yet to be fulfilled these past few weeks. What a fucking way to start off the new year, eh? Ehehehehe!!!

"Well, well. 'Fates be damned,' eh? I like you're thinking, little girl," I snickered.

"You've killed long enough. I'm taking you in."

I cackled. "Do you have a death wish or are you naturally retarded?"

"Shut it, Evelyn."

Blood poured out in floods, gunshots were fired, and the earth began to shake violently underneath; the force of which threw off my balance and my attack was temporarily ceased. It shook even harder the more I attempted to stand, so I conceded to wait for it to pass. Which took a goddamned lifetime before things settled down again. I sprung to my feet, scythe in hand, but was abruptly stopped short by the obstruction no doubt caused by the earthquake. Several feet across between me and Ella was a god knows how deep fissure that split the land perfectly in half.

"Oh, c'mon!!! What the fuck?? Still monitoring me, you fucking bastard?! Show you're goddamned face, Dark!!! HEY!!!!" I made to run toward the depths of the forest. My pursuit was interrupted by a fraction of a nearby rock exploding as a result of the force of her bullet. Turning around, my gaze caught the sight of Ella holding her gun in one hand and her sliced cheek in the other (Ella, I have to say red is definitely you're color. You should wear it more often~). She fired another shot after I flipped her off. I'm pretty sure she punctured my right lung, but still, it was quite hilarious. Ha! You people don't fucking learn do you?!

"I'm not letting you escape again!" she bellowed as she tried spitting out the blood trickling into her lips.

"Where the fuck did you learn that name?"

ARGH!!! Little FUCK!!! You know you're a bitch!!! You're queer smile just fucking KILLS ME. "From a reliable source, Evelyn." Ha! Now I remember why I'm on a manhunt again. You're just as merciless as I am, Birnhaum. Almost makes me proud to kill you. HAHAHA!!!

"You can go fuck yourself with your gun, Birnhaum. It's the only thing that'll give you pleasure, anyway."

"Does it hurt, Evelyn? To know I have attained your deepest secret?"

"That name has no meaning to me."

"I'm sure your surname has no meaning either. Or did you just happen to forget your last name was Song and your new alias was just a coincidence?"

I smirked and picked up my scythe. She grasped the gun with both hands; I can only IMAGINE the look on her face when she saw I wasn't progressing towards her but back towards the forest. Another bullet flew toward me and bounced off the stem of the scythe.

"I'm not done!"

"You know you can't kill me, Ella. So your efforts are fruitless. I have a busy schedule and you're wasting my time."

"Then I'll make this quick." I heard a series of clicking and looked back to see she had put away the gun. Pft! Diplomatic whore.

"I already told you before. Zero would never converse with someone concerning vital information. Negotiating is out of the question, you dumbass."

"You said you're killing people to be free." Of course the bitch would ignore me. OF COURSE. "Free from what? Slenderman?"

"Parents are sentimental fools," I replied. "They're afraid memories will fade... when really it's the best fucking blessing to forget."

Really, I wish I could've seen her as I was leaving. I only heard restless fidgeting as she attempted to take out her gun. Cursing soon followed as she realized she had used up all of her bullets and even more restless fidgeting occurred as finding more magazines became difficult. Ha! Were you frustrated? Were you scared? Ehehehehe!!! Such a pitiful, predictable human weakling!!!

So! Now that that order of business is in intermission, I'll move on to the next thing on my list... I'm going to have a little chat with the slave of Slender Man, Dark Entity.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You're All The Same

Really, nothing pisses me off more than a fucking pawn who thinks he's the shit. You don't get it. Ha! You just don't understand anything! Hahahahaha!!! Oh, but you're not here to listen to the ramblings of a lunatic, are you? Not worth your time? Pft! Whatever. Save your cryptic bullshit for someone who gives a fuck.

I've been sticking to a trail in the mountain area of god-knows-where-the-hell-I-am. There have been a few abandoned buildings here with active utilities. Just like that motel. I'm starting to think some proxy or other is trying to send me a message. I swear to fuck I'm going to kill the first soul I see. If Mr. Servant "allows" me. Ugh.

Honestly, it was bad enough Saint had to stick his holy nose where the sun don't shine. Then he shows up, all in this armored getup from like the 16th century or when the fuck ever it was supposed to be. Gaudy. As. Hell.

"Zero Song," the man began. Or, I think it was a man. Little shit tried to remain ambiguous.

"Let me guess," I interjected. "You're the one who can answer all my questions that dumb-fuck Saint couldn't himself."

"I have come to deliver a message." Seemed like a yes in my book.


He stared at me quizzically before proceeding; "My Master has important plans for you, Song. It would be wise to abide by His will before another incident occurs."

I threw my hands up in the air. "Is that all ya got?! Holy Man was more descriptive than your monotone ass."

"I have given My Master's message," he continued, "but my own interpretation remains standing."

I plopped myself down in front of the campfire, staring at this... thing. It looked human, but... something was off. And lo and behold, colors and images began to vaguely dance across my vision. This same face looking down upon me and dripping in sweet red plasma. I flinched as I felt something small but prominent. Pain?

"Just who the fuck are you?" I snapped. This person... this monster... what the hell are you?

"I am My Master's most loyal servant. I have adopted a human name that I felt was befitting someone of my caliber: Dark Entity."

"You're not human, are you?"

"Correct." That's it? Not gonna go into a whole dissertation? Geez.

"Well," I grumbled, getting back to my feet and grabbing my scythe, "who or whatever the hell you are... You're not my problem." I pointed the scythe in Dark's direction. "And it would be wise of YOU to not become one, either." And I set out without allowing him another word.

What's the matter, God? Why can't you tell me what's going on? You just expecting me to be a good little proxy and follow your orders? Ha! Not without good reason.

And certainly not when I'm this close to freedom.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fuck-ing Fan-tastic. Really. Oh, this couldn't have gotten any worse. I should resort to killing goddamned bunnies. 'Cause, y'know, HUMANS ARE NOT ON MY LIST AS OF NOW. Yea, whatever, I don't mind. Not. One. Fucking. Bit.

Oh ho, I'm sorry for those of you who can't get it through your thick-headed skulls that that was sarcasm. Forgive me, next time I'll be more blunt. Pft!

This is just fucking unbelievable. I had every right to stick my scythe where the sun don't shine in that whore. ESPECIALLY after her stupid deductive "skills" just wrote her a ticket to board the train of death. Oh, but that couldn't happen, now could it? No, no, apparently I can't do a fucking thing to her. Bull. Shit.

I can't remember how it led to this disaster. I'm not even sure what day it was. Like that shit matters now. Oh, wait. It was the conversation. Hahaha!!! Ella, you really know how to bring out the worst in me! EHEHEHE! What would I do without you?~

Anyway, after her "debrief" post, she confronted me the following morning at work. When we were alone, of course, just the three of us: Me, her, and a tape recorder. Lovely setting, no? It went a little something like this:

Ella: "Tell me something."

"What is it?"

"Do you think Zero might have supernatural powers?"

Me: "No. That's stupid."

Cue the smirk. Ugh. "I thought you might say that."

"What makes you think she has powers? Just 'cause she's Slender Man's lackey?" Like fuck I'm a lackey but I decided to humor her.

"She... predicts things. It's not just coincidence." She leaned closer to me. "It's not a coincidence you two seem to share that power."

"What power?" I inquired. "You know, in times like these, you need to be more specific Ella. I thought you being a detective, you would've realized that by now."

"I think," she bellowed over me, "that Zero has the power of foresight. Her posts are proof of that." She threw down a pad of scribbled notes in front of me. They were the names of the victims I had killed since the beginning of this blog. One list was arranged in alphabetical order, which was crossed out, and one next to it encased in multiple circles:

I sat there frozen. I'd almost forgotten that...

Anything else said after that is a blur. I knew I was caught. It wouldn't take much to convict me not. So, I thought, why not go out without a little good-bye party? Heehee!

God knows where Ella was, but her absence at the station was simply perfect. Oh, sure, I'm sure she would've just enjoyed seeing her friends and co-workers tremble in fear as they found a colleague break down the doors with a scythe. But! Fate would not allow that. I resorted to frolicking in this party all by myself! HEHE! Such a joyous feeling! The mouth-watering smell of fresh, warm blood bathing my body and scythe! I whacked every little ant this way and that; some attempting to call for help from other stations while others took aim with their handguns and opened fire. All fruitless! Every living being in that building was chopped and sliced apart in a matter of minutes. Some 30 or 35 people at most. The 36th would be arriving soon. Ehehehe!

I waited. Not for long, but enough to piss me off. I was working on cutting down the beams to the building when she arrived. OH HO!!! SUCH SWEET HORROR AND AGONY!!! HOW SHE DROPPED TO HER KNEES IN DESPAIR!! TEARS, TEARS!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHA, YES, YES, PAIN! FEEL PAIN YOU BITCH!!!!

"Heehehehehe!! You're just in time, Birnhaum," I chimed. Her eyes struck at me, increasing 10 times in size at the sight of me. "You and I have a little closing act for this little party. Tell me, Ella, do you know the miracle of Death?" Then, something strange. Little fucker glared at me.

"You won't kill me," she said. "I don't die easily."

I screamed with hysterical laughter. "Don't go spouting shit you don't know about. I can change all that- "

A flash of black sprung between me and Birnhaum, the scythe was held firmly in a grasping hand, and a knife delved deep into the dead center of my spine to render me immobile. I gasped, but I couldn't wriggle free. My head lulled forward, allowing me to see the face of a man lurking within the black mass of robes...

"Just as I thought," he commented. "You are Zero."

"And you?" I spat. "Just what... do you think you're doing... you ignorant ass?!"

"I've been sent by Father," he replied, his eyes concealed in the shadow of his hood. "This child cannot die yet."

"F-Father?" I choked, attempting to move his knife. "The fuck are you- ?"

Next thing I knew, the building disappeared and the smell of blood no longer contaminated the air. Cold wind blew through the brush and the trees, the sky tainted with a red color of sundown. At once he sharply removed the knife and I fell to my knees, my scythe the only thing supporting me. Foggy as my mind was, it wasn't hard for me to put two and two together.


"Your tone displeases me, child," he replied as he proceeded to gather wood for a fire. "I have only followed orders I was assigned to carry out. Therefore, the fault is not mine."


"Father does not wish for the human girl to die at this current time. He has chosen not to inform me why."

"Ha!" I scoffed. "What, He gonna turn her into a proxy? Should've done that the first time, that- "

"Do not use His name in vain. He has chosen not to inform me. I can help you no further."

The subject was dropped. Idle chatter was exchanged between the two of us, but mostly the reminder of the day passed by in silence. Saint no doubt felt the vibes of hatred I was sending him and would refuse to talk to me if we got too close to the subject again. He advised me to no longer be descriptive with my blogs since Birnhaum still had access to it. Ha! What's she going to do if she finds me? KILL ME? HAHAHA!!! Stupid human can't hold a candle to me!!!

Be thankful, Ella. Your ass just got spared by a proxy. Next time when this game of cat and mouse commences once more, you're MINE.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Last of the Bread Crumb Trail

"Why aren't you working?"
Why don't you fucking figure it out.

"You could escape, you know. Before something rash is done."
You would like that, wouldn't you?

"Where is your mind?"

Monday was fantastic as you all well know. The following Tuesday nobody could get their shit together. Someone implanted a virus in the computer mainframes. I wonder who. Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday. The two most boring days out my goddamned life. Thursday they got the computers up and running, but most if not all the files were erased. Or, as Miss Bitch likes to put it, "stolen." Please. Like they're of any use for your stupid organization. Friday was when things got interesting again.

We set out to the school for some investigating. Birnhaum insisted I come along for the ride. Oh joy. She wasn't going to let me out of her sight if she could help it. Made me feel like a fucking jackass in need of supervision at all times. You just couldn't tell if it was going to kick someone in the balls the moment your back was turned.

"Where was your mind that day?" she repeated. For the past ten minutes I was trying my damnedest to ignore this gaudy whore; it just wasn't enough for her to have us alone in the same squad car, was it? She knows what makes me tick (which that in itself pisses me off) and I knew she had a tape recorder on her the moment she started asking me questions (don't think I don't read your stupid "debriefs," Ella. Next time think twice before you go blabbing your fucking mouth off). But something about what she said at that moment... who was it that said those words to me before, if anyone did?

"What day?" I snapped. I don't read minds, bitch.

"When we first met," she clarified. "You stormed out suddenly in the middle of our conversation- " it was an interrogation. Don't fluff up the past with bullshit. "- Why was that?"

"You're a detective," I hissed, looking away out the window. "What do you think happened?"

She snickered. Ha! Arrogant slut. "Well," she calculated. "I would assume talking about the Man triggered something in your memories. Horrible memories at that. Still, your reaction was strange. Why run away? Why not share your pain with me? You seemed to hold a grudge against me ever since that day, starting with that conversation."

Didn't miss a beat, did she? "Just now bringing this up, eh?"

"Does it matter? Don't tell me you forgot."

I shifted in my seat. Our approach towards the school was delayed. She was going to drag this out no matter what. I sighed in frustration.

"I just thought we were a lot alike." That hurt like HELL. I had to grit my goddamned fucking teeth just to spit it out as coherently as my hissing would allow it. Admitting this wanted me to choke this bitch like no tomorrow. Ugh.

Honestly, I don't think she was expecting that answer. She couldn't respond for several minutes, by that time we had already arrived at the front of the school. Students were bustling this way and that and holding food in their hot little hands, sometimes stealing the food of another classmate in playful banter. Stupid high school. These are the true monsters just waiting to be fed the food to grow and kill fellow monsters. A birthplace of hell. Hahaha!

The other squad cars pulled up and we all stepped out of the vehicles, creating quite a scare amongst the students. Ehehehehe!!! I never realized until that moment how much power a police officer could have! But! My joyous moment lasted only the walk from the cars to the front office. The little monsters avoided us as much as possible, so their fear could not feed my lust for power. I was returned to the fucking reality that I was just another underling; a servant of the law. ERGH!!!!

Well, interrogations were limited; this campus was much more strict on police activity than apparently the detective's visit to the other one. Our search, therefore, became more direct. Ella handed the head administrator my school file. I didn't know if I hid my glares at the accursed piece of shit paper; if it was noticeable, no one commented. The administrator surveyed the contents of the file before meeting our gaze once more.

"I'm sorry to say," the old man groaned, "but I'm afraid we have no previous record of this student's education, nor the address of her residence. Everything farther back than one year ago is completely lost."

Ella did not look disappointed. She thanked him for his time and we left. That was it. Well, for our time at the school it was over. My own "conversation" was still left unresolved. Bold Bitch did not hesitate. She immediately lept right into the continuation of her interrogation the moment my door was shut.

"Why have you failed to report this to me sooner?" Was she seriously scolding me? Good-fucking-luck with that, you ass. "This explains Melandra's prone-ness to becoming a proxy and- " she turned her eyes away from the road to point those daggers at me. Oh great, go ahead, kill us both dumbfuck. I don't mind one fucking bit. "- it explains why he was there during your last infiltration of Zero's hideout." Sure, we'll go with that. Whatever. She abruptly returned her gaze to the road and continued her contemplation silently in her head. Thank God for the silence, but it slightly worried me.

The moment we arrived at the station, as if unable to hold it in any longer, these words spilled from her mouth: "I can't let you continue this case anymore."

What the fuck? You're fucking me off just because you can't handle the truth? "You goddamned, fucking hypocrite!" She snapped her head at me, almost in shock. I wondered if the recorder was on, but worrying about it slipped my mind. "YOU are allowed on the case because you're all Miss Important Detective but the moment you learn we're the same, you decide to scrap me?! Like FUCK I'm letting you get away with that!"

"This is serious!" she piped in. "I won't let you throw away your life it can be avoided!"

My mind went blank. Those words, this situation.... could it be I...? I kicked open the car door. "Play God on your own time," I bellowed, and shut the door with as much force as I could muster. I left her dumbstruck in the car as she clenched onto the steering wheel, watching me as I waltzed back inside the station.

I was sluggish the rest of the day. My mind was in major déjà vu mode I thought I might throw up. This is not the first this has happened. I know it will not be the last.

Still, I never thought this day would come. Ten years is a long time between sight and action, after all.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Anticipation Runs Deep

Blood boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and it's connection to every single organ in the human system would cause the cells to burn out. The muscles would become unable to contract or move; slowly but surely organs would melt in the confines of the body. Eyes would be bloodshot, perhaps even go blind, the brain would swell with the heat rushing into the skull. A red-out would most assuredly occur within minutes with death following soon afterwards in the unconscious state.

Yet there is a different way to make the blood boil without dying. It's one of the few things that brings out the worst in a person. HATRED.

I returned to work earlier the oh so lovely Monday morning. I already got a fucking slap on the hand by the goddamned detective for not doing so the first time. The bitch knows if I attempt to kill her now it means asking for death. Which might not be a bad idea, actually. Let's see if Death will pull through for me on this one, eh? No, that's the easy, cowardly way out. Besides, I haven't played a game in FOREVER. Looks like I'll need to brush up on my skills. Heehee!

The first thing on the agenda was a debrief. Cute little Bold Bitch up there just assumed the spotlight like she couldn't get enough of it. Demanding everyone's attention... and she thinks we're rude! Stupid fuck. It was the stuff I already knew about: Mel's dead, Kristen's found ("So glad she's finally returned to us after such a long disappearance" - Ella. Haha. Fuck off.), and NOW we're involving God into the matter. Miss Actor up there started tearing up saying how she hated to think she had to revisit the horrors of her past, but convinced everyone she would be fine continuing the case. Pft! Such a martyr.

Then things suddenly got interesting. "Lastly, I have information concerning Singing Zero," Birnhaum said. My eyes flashed to hers instantly. "I believe Zero has somehow infiltrated the police posing as one of our own." Oh ho, quite the amount of chatter that brought up! "I've concluded this from the amount of information Zero has been able to acquire in these past few months. In regards to Zero's accomplice, Melandra Anderson -" She glanced towards me " -I've tracked down a certain suspicious character that may be Zero in the flesh. Zero attended two different schools this year, around the time the killings became public. Sometime during this week I'm going to send several investigators, including myself, to the first school and scavenge for every detail we can get on our killer. Until you receive further orders, proceed with your daily duties and be on the watch for any sign of Zero you may find whilst here at headquarters. Dismissed."

Wonderful. How was it I was able to predict this? What a way to scare the shit out of everybody before the holidays, Detective Dipshit. Well, everyone filed out of the debriefing room and I didn't fail to notice I was alone with Ella when it came down to it. She smiled at me (your goddamned smile can go to hell, Ella. I know you're reading this), and it was one of those "you-can't-fool-me-bitch" smiles that you absolutely loathe. I grimaced.

"Getting hard enough for you?" she asked coyly. Oh, lovely. I have a first rate criminal pushing me into a corner trying to get me to crack.

"Any harder and I'll have to start using cheat codes."

"Why aren't you working?"

None of your goddamned business. "I haven't been assigned anything to do yet."

"Oh, that's right," she replied. "You didn't return to headquarters after your last mission so you couldn't do a debrief and assume another job." You're clearly not enjoying pouring salt fountains over the wound, are you? HMM?

I gritted my teeth and looked away. Or did I start walking out the door? The only thing I remember at that moment was seeing a veil of red.

"Hey," she called. I turned back to her. "Why are you doing what you're doing? What reason do you have to commit these things?"

"You ask as if you are conversing with Zero."

"Am I wrong to suspect so?"

I rolled my eyes. "First off, if I were Zero you'd be dead on sight. There'd be no Q&A going on."

"I see," she responded thoughtfully. "And you would know, hmm?"

"Secondly," I pressed on. "Zero would never reveal the reason why these people should die... That's what I think." I added. This time I knew I was heading for the door and grabbed hold of the handle before being beckoned one last time.

"You could leave, you know. Escape this place before something rash is done."

My BPM immediately spiked after hearing those words. "AND BECOME A RUNNER??" I bellowed, the breathes coming out hot and fast. "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. I'M NOT GIVING UP JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE ME CORNERED. I'D RATHER DIE."

I didn't see Ella for the rest of the day. I don't give a fuck if I put myself in a more dire situation now because of that outburst. The bitch can have as much fun with her game as long as she likes.

I'm not going to run away and hide.