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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

You Wanna Know What My Week Has Been Like?

Shit. This week has just been full of shit. Oh, but why should any of you be surprised? Assumptive bastards. Think you have it all figured out. And now I find myself becoming the prey... Fuck irony. I'll cut it's fucking jaw apart and rip it's body in half.

What? No. I'm not pissed. Like I was with Ella last I saw her. By the way, Ella, you're detective skills can kiss my ass. You're so fucking slow. Wonder how long it'll take before she finds the little present I've left for any intruders who DARE enter that place? A hellhole, that's what it is. Have fun burning in hell, Ella! Ha!

Oh, wait, I guess I have something else to say for those who give a flying rat's ass. Moving on from where I left things off last time, I searched for Dark Entity after my confrontation with Dipshit Detective. Fucker wasn't easy to find; I can only assume he was luring me to lord knows where for environmental advantages or something. The rat finally stayed put long enough to have a fucking conversation with me after about two hours or so worth of chasing. We hit it off nicely~

"Let me start off by saying that if your incessant meddling proceeds beyond this conversation, I'm going to pummel you within an inch of your life, Dark."

He gazed at me through his empty eyes before nodding. I spat at the ground; fucking emotionless bastards. "I'll make things simple, then. You will pursue the Ella girl no further."

"Wrong answer." Before I could even move my scythe by a fraction of a meter, it was abruptly stopped by an extra set of hands; one firmly grasping the scythe and the other with a knife at my throat. I made to kick my assailant in the balls but the little shit smacked me in the back of the legs with the spine of my weapon. I fell to my knees; rolling forward I was able to stand myself upright in time to catch the knife he so willingly gave me right in the bullet hole wound. Unsheathing it from my body, I smiled and laughed as I licked the neck of the bloodstained knife.

"You look tasty. Mind if I have a taste? Heehee!" He crouched lower, the hood of his coat barely concealing the golden hazel glimmer. After which he did so, however, he rose back to an upright stance. I glared as I returned my gaze to Dark.

"If your pursuit for the girl does not desist, I will have him eliminate you at once," he said.

"Too afraid to do it yourself?" I mocked, waving the knife in his direction.

"I cannot concern myself with your mediocre trifles. This is the only warning I am offering you: Do not pursue Birnhaum."

"Any of you goddamned know-it-fucking-alls wanna tell me why before I get the urge to slash your throats?!"

"A proxy gifted with foresight has no need to ask questions." And in one fucking fell swoop, the bastard disappeared taking the assassin along with him. Oh, AND GUESS WHAT?? Assholes took my scythe right along with them!!! Oh, oh! I'm still in possession of the knife, though! You won't be needing this, will you Mister Assassin?? Heehee~

Any-fucking-who, the past week has been a downer. Haven't seen anybody for miles. God fuck, I have the urge to kill something!! Eighty-five won't simply due on my record!!! I need more!! I NEED TO BE FREE.

So, maybe I'll go kill off some boredom and watch Ella run around with her head cut off. Or was the term 'like a chicken with its head cut off'? Oh well!!! I'll be entertained either way! Hahahahahahahaha!!! Looking forward to it, Birnhaum.