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Monday, October 31, 2011

Iris L.

Preparations were completed several days ago. Dyed my hair and put in contacts and, as a final touch, I created an alias: Kristen Anderson. I knew they wouldn't question my identity, as I had previously implanted information into their data-banks regarding Kristen. I laughed hysterically; I've never been so nervous. The feel of adrenaline! The racing of my heart! Yes, yes! This is what it meant to be alive!

I told Hydra to stay behind and wait for my signal. So, with every step possibly leading me closer to my doom, I walked to the police station and stared at the door. I had to focus. I couldn't let my excitement get in the way. Slowly and deliberately, I strutted through the front doors and into the main office.

My, the number of people bustling around! To and fro; constantly in motion! I almost giggled with delight; it was almost as if they were squirming around in this tiny building trying desperately to formulate a plan to escape my vengeance! I composed myself and tried to seem indifferent with their movements, no matter how giddy it made me. I came right up to the front desk and waited until the man looked up from the papers he was signing.

"May I help you?" he chimed. Ho, it would have been sooo perfect if I had a weapon on me! Just like out of those movies! Sadly, I was defenseless and therefore was forced to play his little game.

"I wish to be transferred into this branch to take part in the Mind in Zero case. Here- " I handed him my I.D. and clenched onto the handle of my bag carrying a police force uniform. I decided to have Kristen formerly be from the branch from which my father worked at. I knew they would confirm my existence there; they would do anything to get stuff out of the way. After staring at his screen and surfing through my info, he stopped and looked up at me.

"Kristen Anderson?"

"That's me."

"You're related to Melandra Anderson?"

"Yes. What are you implying?"

He said nothing more, but continued to survey me. Finally, he reached for the communicator on his shoulder and commanded: "Officer Lang, take this young woman to the interrogation room."

I attempted to look bewildered. "What's this all about?"

He did not answer. Within seconds, a slim, female officer with blonde hair and hazel eyes approached the front desk. Oh ho! I was right in my notion to join the police! Once again, I've found a rat within the force who knows my identity! Really, now, is the entire family enlisted as police officers? More for me to harvest, I guess! Heehee!

The man whispered into Officer Lang's ear, to which then she motioned for me to follow her to the back of the room. There was a door, beyond which lied a small square room with only a long table and two chairs, one on either side. There was an observation window along with a security camera, and another door on the adjacent wall of the first door. Without a second thought, I sat down at the table as Lang sat across from me.

I don't like going into details about the interrogation. Too fucking boring, really. Honestly, I was ready to choke the whore for asking so many questions. The adrenaline continued to rise with every inquiry, and it was all I could do to keep a straight face. Finally, after confirming the truth behind my words, that I had no idea Mel was a suspect in the case, and made it clear it would not compromise my emotions concerning the case, I was allowed amongst their ranks. Ha! Gullible little shits, policemen are.

Well, anyway, the entire day was spent on testing how well I knew their procedures, which I passed with flying colors. At last I was dismissed, with Officer Lang to escort me back home. Cruel pathetic humans, actually giving up their lambs to the slaughter house! Ehehehehe!

We arrived at my base, and I made friendly conversation with Lang before the final goodbyes were made. She turned to bid me farewell. I removed the contacts.

"Such a waste you are, Iris." She didn't move, having noticed the change in both my eyes and demeanor. Oh, and the grin. Such a wonderful, murderous grin I have!

"You'll be disposed of yet," I went on. Her hand hovered over her gun.

"Come again?" she replied. Don't you just hate it when you have to repeat yourself? Explaining myself would be a pain in the ass, so I made things clear and to the point.

"I'm Zero, Iris, and you're not leaving here alive." Goodness knows I stunned her with such riveting news! Right around that moment I saw the glint of the blade of my scythe fall from the second story window of the base and I leapt up and caught it with ease, pointing it at Iris.

"This won't be like the days of our childhood, Cousin," I mocked. Still no response. Okay, let's make thing interesting. I ran forward. Iris only flinched her hand toward the gun, nothing more. I knocked her down with the butt of the blade. Dammit! Shoot, scream! I don't care what you do, JUST MAKE MY DAY!!! I kicked her, I swung at her, blood spattered on the ground, twilight began to set on the stage of this massacre. And yet, as minutes passed by, she still refused to fight back.

"Ironic, isn't it, Iris?" I started to get mad, which led to me screeching and laughing like a fucking hyena. "You, instead of I, end up being the one whose emotionally compromised concerning our case!" A tear streamed down from her face, and it ended the fun. Prey who think their victims can go to hell. Several more swings, the screams of human suffering, and the flood of raining blood, and it was over. Iris lied there, each limb having been severed from her body, her screams muffled by my shrieks of insanity. The most disappointing kill ever. As she started to faint from blood loss, I severed her head and watched it as it rolled a few inches away from the body. I glanced behind me and saw Hydra standing outside the front door, holding a garden hose. I pointed the scythe to her.

"Finish the job," I ordered. "Make sure you leave no evidence behind." Hydra, though a little reluctantly, came forward and proceeded to hack away at the torso with the scythe, and washed away the red pieces of flesh to be lost forever in the sewers.

Yes, Cousin, your death was ironic. Especially since when we were children, Iris, it was you who christened me with the nickname Zero.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Laura E.

I've made an executive decision! Ehe! Always wanted to say that. Makes me feel important.

I got rid of another rat. She got a lead from Ian and Willow's death. They had no name or picture to go off of to connect to those murders, but she knew. She remembered. Ho ho, I bet she wished she hadn't! Laura started snooping 'round Evan's school district, as that seemed the only anomaly that did not fit. Oh, how she got rounded up real good! I woke up this morning to Hydra dragging in a wailing and kicking police officer covered in dirt and blood.

"What mouse did the kitty-cat drag in this time?" I was still somewhat depressed. I hadn't killed at all, even with the new weapon I was able to acquire. I shoved Hydra aside to close the door and then turned to our prisoner. I was almost tempted to smile.

Laura had a few teeth knocked out of her. Bruise over her left eye. Hands completely destroyed. I think the blood on her face came from her nose. There weren't any gunshot wounds. Just a good beating! Hehe! Even in her piteously mangled form, I recognized her all too well. Who would have guessed my nanny of four years would become a cop! Quite the deadly guardian. Though, I guess I'm no better. Kehehehehehehehe!!!

"Z-Zero?" whispered the nanny. "Th-they told me you were de- GAH!!" Oops! Was that my foot in your mouth? Well, you don't seem to be complaining now! Hehe!

"Hold her here. MAKE SURE SHE STAYS QUIET. Gag her if you have to." I walked to the pantry and pulled out one of the legs. I couldn't tell if it was the male or female leg; it didn't matter much anyhow. I came back out and enjoyed the splendorous noise of screaming from the stupid whore! HAHAHAHA!!!

"Hold out her arm," I said, and swung as hard as I could at the elbow joint. She screamed in pain. I swung harder. It was returned with a wonderful crack! "Hold out her other arm," I ordered. Laura attempted to struggle, but Hydra got her in a headlock to make her stop. I broke her other arm. Then we moved to the legs! It took a little longer to break the knee caps, oh but was it worth it! Laura's screams were reduced to whimpers of pain every time she moved. Now that she was good and limp, I had the perfect game to play!

"Hey, Laura," I bellowed over her gasps of pain as Hydra held her up to her feet. "You know how you played dolls with me when I was little? HEHEHEHEHEHE!!! W-Well! To celebrate our reunion, that's just what we're gonna do!"

OH GOD, I wish I had recorded such fun! I controlled Laura's movements from behind and was able to steal Hydra's gun. Then we tried shooting that weasel! How Laura screamed in delight! Hehe! I threw Shark at her when the magazine ran out. Hilarious! Didn't matter that I missed. Hydra grabbed me from behind and took Laura. She tried cutting me with one of the kitchen knives! Although, I think Laura's flimsy-ness caused Hydra to cut her face and body now and again. Such wonderful blood everywhere!

Our fun was quickly interrupted when Laura's communicator went off from around her belt. "Officer Elden! What do you have to report?" Hydra paused and allowed me to grab it from Laura's waist.

"I couldn't find anything," I said. Both girls stared at me in amazement. "There's no evidence that this was Singing Zero's doing. I'd like to bring up a possibility, though." I waited.

"Go on, Officer." Kehehehehehe. Dense as door nails, I tell ya!

"This kid went missing several weeks ago. She was assumed to be dead, but I think she's the one behind these murders."

"What kid, Officer Elden?"

"Melandra Anderson."

Hydra dropped Laura to the floor with a loud thud and another cry protruded from Laura's lips. I grimaced. "Are you sure?" replied the other end. Oh ho! I guess they need a little demonstration.

"I'm saying that- What? Oh, God, no! Don't come near me! No- Stop!" I kicked Laura and she played her part perfectly! After her screeching performance, I broke the communicator in half.

"Dispose of the doll. I can't think with a squealing puppet in the background." Hydra didn't move. I growled with frustration. "Hey, you dumb fuck. I know you understand English. Or would you rather I spoke Proxy?" Again, nothing. Bitch was getting on my last nerves. "Okay, then," I said. "Let's go."

She stared at me, now confused. "If you won't follow my orders," I snickered, "I'll just have GOD dispose of you!" I could just SEE the possible scenarios running through her head. Finally, after about a minute or so contemplating, she complied and reached for Laura. I slapped her hand away.

"Dispose of her AFTER I kill her."


"All in good time." She moved aside. I grabbed my new weapon from underneath the couch and drew it out from the cloth. It was like a symphony! The handle fit smoothly into my hands and each and every movement swung the blade into a dance! So whimsical and dangerous! Hehe! Hydra had to stop me after Laura was reduced to little more than chunks of flesh. She gathered the bits of flesh and used them as fuel for the fire in the fireplace. What a magnificent glow human gore gives off when burned! Ha!

I sat on the couch a while, caressing the scythe in steady rhythm. People in the police force whom I knew. People in the police force who knew me. Covering up my tracks real good. Mel's takin' the blame. But who knows? Who else knows? Who else will DARE to try and find me? I didn't know. If I could, I...

"THAT'S IT!" Hydra snapped her head at me from the dining room, having been daydreaming out the window or some shit like that. "I know what I'm going to do." I stared at my reflection in the blank screen of the TV. Long shades of red and black framed a pale face that had the most wonderful evil smile I knew! The flash of green eyes moved away from the reflection to look at Hydra as I licked the blade of my scythe.

"I'm going to infiltrate the police force."

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Leo L.

Ugh. I've been so fucking depressed lately. I couldn't find Knight. Hydra didn't even have him. I made her stay up without any sleep trying to find him for the past week. We scavenged everywhere. I can only assume he was still in the truck when I blew it up with Willow. Fucking bullshit. ARGH!

Hydra tried to help, which worried me. Starting to think on her own. Not a good sign. She offered me Shark, but I refused. Killing with a gun seemed simple and boring. I wouldn't even pick up any of the knives that were lying around the house. A chef's knife and a switchblade just aren't the same. I think I got so bad to the point where it even pissed Hydra off.

"Why are you killing?" she asked one day.

I looked up at her from the bed in the master bedroom, to which I gleefully decorated to my liking. Hehe! I had a little spar with her in that room and boy did it turn red fast! Completely in pieces as well! I love it.

But it still concerned me: what was she thinking? Why was she thinking at all?! SHE'S NOT SUPPOSED TO DO THAT!!!

"I am entertaining God. And I get pleasure out of killing people and bathing in their sweet blood. It's a win, win." Now she just stared at me. Little shit has the emptiest stare I've ever seen. It would be so much more beautiful with a little fear and horror. Ha!

She finally beckoned me to follow her. Uh-uh. Last time I did that I walked for a mile trying to search for a base. Like fuck I was gonna let her take the lead, anyhow. DON'T FORGET WHO SHOWED YOU THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF GOD, BITCH!!

Beckoning wasn't working, as she clearly found out. So, to make things simple and to the point, she flashed her shotgun at me and fired. Pft! Woman has slow reflexes I tell ya! In a matter of two seconds she was pinned to the ground with Shark inches away from her hand. I knew it wasn't going to end there. Hydra just has this weird quirk about hating to lose. Hehe!

I went to pick up Shark and Hydra's hand grabbed my wrist. With all her fucking might, she pulled me off her back and onto the floor facing the ceiling.

"Shit!" She was already running out the door.

Truth be told, I would've been happy as a wrinkly old peach with her gone! Oh, if only it were that easy! I jumped to my feet and leapt out the door after her. I told myself I wasn't following her. I WAS GETTING PAYBACK. It pissed me off even more she would stay just out of my range, always staying in my line of vision and stopping should I fall behind.

She stopped on a sidewalk in front of a row of buildings. I didn't think she'd stay still and so I kept running full throttle towards her. I was almost on top of her before I realized she wasn't going to run anymore. We toppled to the ground. I was quick to get up and the moment she tried to rise, I punched the whore in the face.


Hydra coughed and realigned her broken nose with a loud crack. I chuckled in delight. She pointed at something behind me. It was a gardening supply shop.

"What the hell?" Hydra rose to her feet and without a second thought walked straight inside. I stood outside, just watching. She seemed to be talking to the register guy and, after he left to disappear behind a door, AGAIN she beckoned me inside. Ugh! Next time I need to punch a little harder to knock some sense into that robot! Whatever. I walked through the door.

"Tell me why we're here before I decide to scrap you."

"Getting a scythe." Huh? The man reappeared from the depths of the shop with a long object covered with a cloth in his hot little hands. He stopped and caught his breath the moment he saw me. I grinned the hugest grin I think I've ever done since Knight's disappearance.

My old (quite literally old) neighbor from my childhood. LEO.

"Zero?" he wheezed. His voice tingled my spine. Oh, yes, I remember that voice all too well! How I would've loved to hear it scream in terror as it tried to escape torture. "What are you doing here?"

I looked to Hydra and, obviously satisfied with my huge chagrin, handed me her weapon (which conveniently had a full magazine again). I turned back to Leo, who stared inquiringly back at me. I HATE his look. It's like he was staring into my soul. Or, something deep down inside my body. Hehe!

"Ah, what the hell?" I cackled, raising the gun to his head. He gasped in horror, dropping the tool to the ground at his feet. Hahaha! Yes, yes!! MORE, MORE TERROR!!! MORE SCREAMING!!! GIVE ME MORE! EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! "Haha! I'm, I'm here - ehehehehe! - Oh, you'll love this - kehehehe - I'm here to kill you!" He shouted in pain as I pointed the gun to his leg and he crouched upon the floor. Hehehehehehe, that's right! Bow before me, you mother fucker! I shot the top of his hand holding the injured leg. He writhed upon the floor! I fired a round to the bottom of his foot, the bullet forcing its way beyond the sole of the shoe. How his legs began to spasm soooooo delightfully! How his grizzly old voice gurgled painfully as it tried to scream! Oh, so long it had been since I had this much fun! Ahahahahahahaha!

He finally lied beaten and decrepit on the floor; the blood soaking into the wood floorboards. I walked back behind the counter to stand over him, staring deeply into his eyes as he searched into the depths of mine. Tsk! You've run your course, old man. I suppose this was to be expected of someone of your... caliber. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I took out the left eye. Two bullets left. I took out the right eye. One bullet left. Hmm... I whipped around and fired the last round. Hydra hissed at me from the floor, as she had attempted to dodge the bullet.

"That's for ORDERING ME AROUND. Bitch." I tossed Shark back to the other side of the service counter and I knelt down beside the blood drenched Leo. With one hand grasping onto the package enveloped in fine cloth and the other dipping into the pool of blood, I stood back up and stared in a daze. I licked the hand covered in blood. My body convulsed and I spit out the blood onto the old coon's holey face.

Now I know that old peoples' blood is just plain weak and disgusting!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Willow L.

I've set up a permanent residence now. Or, at least until a moment comes when I should leave again. Mel's redeemed herself after that little incident with Uncle Ian's stupid friends and witness. She began walking away when she heard I needed to find a new place to hang. I was considering on letting her go until I realized she was trying to lead me somewhere. We walked for a good twenty minutes, so we probably covered about a mile or two. Pft. If she hadn't lead me to Evan's house to use as a base, I would've kicked her ass for making me walk.

Some stupid adults already claimed my base as their own. They recognized Mel on the spot and just plain IGNORED MY EXISTENCE. They were apologizing for Evan's death; how they knew how devastated she was. They bombarded her with words of comfort for no less than a minute before she pulled out Shark and shot them point blank in the head. I swear, if there hadn't been a silencer on that thing I would've taken it and thrown it out the window. The loud noise of a gunshot never fails to give me a splitting headache.

"Hey, HEY! I didn't say you could kill them!" I teased. The doll actually GLARED AT ME. Ho ho! This was getting interesting!

I dropped the subject and turned to look at my new home. Ugh. What the hell is with the browns and yellows? It looked as if someone shitted gold on the wall. It was too bright. I turned to Evan's parents and carved up their pretty bodies, painting their blood on the walls and furniture. Mel used one of the kitchen knifes to dismember them and hung their heads from the ceiling on pieces of string. Kehehe! Quite the creative one, ain't she? I took out the bone and muscle from their arms and used them as gloves. Their torsos were placed on the couches as lovely pillows. Mel tried using the legs as brooms, but they were too flimsy. We've stored them in the pantry in case we need 'em to knock someone over the head with! Hehe! WASTE NOT, WHAT NOT!!

Satisfied with the new decor, I turned on the television and flipped to the news channel. OH, AND HOW FORTUNATE I WAS TO CATCH THIS HANDY PIECE OF NEWS!!! EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!

"Breaking News: We've just received word that approximately one hundred CIA and Secret Service officials have been asked to become involved in the 'Mind in Zero' case, regarding with the attempted capture of Singing Zero. As we all know, Singing Zero is estimated to have taken the lives of over 37 individuals within the past year- " Oh ho! Look, I made the news! Hehehe! Too rich, yes indeed!

I glanced over at Mel, who was staring blankly at the TV. "Hey, you damn robot. Do you know why they call me Singing Zero?"

"No." AH! SHE ACTUALLY RESPONDED TO ONE OF MY QUESTIONS!!! HA! I giggled as a snicker formed on my face.

"Well, it sounds weird calling me Happy Zero, doesn't it? EHEHEHE!!!"

Nothing. Honestly, no sense of humor that thing. I grimaced and turned back to the TV. "You know what Melandra rhymes with? Hydra. You gonna mind if I call you that from now on?"

"No." I threw back my head in frustration.

"Is that the only word you know, huh? Answer me, tin can!"

"No." Smartass. I jumped to my feet and walked out the door. I didn't hear Mel follow me.

I had to think. Not that it was a problem that the police were too wimpy to chase me down themselves and had to call in the big guys to do the job for them. The problem was how I was going to deal with that. I could kill them off one by one and draw out my entertainment, which is what I've been doing lately anyway. The only drawback was where to start. If I couldn't get close to them before they discovered my identity, I was done for.

I had walked several blocks down to a local park and just sat at one of the benches, staring at the branches. I felt serene there. The long, interlocking limbs of the trees reminded me of God. He was watching over me. I was safe. He wouldn't want to lose his prime form of entertainment now, would he?

I'm pretty sure I fell asleep or something. Things went a little foggy and I couldn't discern the leaves from the sky. The sun was blotted out. My body suddenly felt heavy. My perception seemed to slow several times from its normal rate. It was almost like the world was my personal movie. Yep. He was here alright.

Or... it could have been drugs. I would've preferred God's interference instead. I woke up and found myself in the back of someone's van. I didn't know how long I was out but if they were pawing at my body while I was unconscious, they'd be worse than dead.

It took me a moment to realize there was someone sitting in the driver's seat, surveying me from the rear view mirror. Eyes of golden hazel and hair of auburn red. Ah, but there were no glasses. Yes... I remember you.


"Hey, Willow," I greeted. I was in no way bound to prevent me from attacking anyone, so I could only assume Knight was again taken from me. "This is an unusual way to try and see me. You part of a secret society or something? That how you drugged me?"

No response. Fuckin' officials, thinking silence is a good tool for intimidation. She shifted in her seat. "You admit it, then?"

"I plead the fifth."

"It don't work like that."

"What grounds do you have to arrest me?"

"Well..." She took out a pistol, loaded it, and pointed it right in-between my eyes. "Seems strange you both share the same name Zero."

"Pft. Pretty fuckin' lame excuse." I leaned closer to her. She cocked the trigger. I smiled. "Come now little girl. You don't want to get involved."

"You're the one who's involved."

"OH?" She opened her mouth to reply. I tried to utilize that split second of opportunity as I flinched toward the gun. A round was shot. The ringing pounded in my ear. Everything suddenly went blank. I couldn't see anything. Couldn't feel anything. Just noise. OH GOD SUCH A LOUD, FUCKING NOISE. And a voice. Mumbling something.

"... I shot her. She made to reach the gun.... I don't know, I shot point blank.... Fine, I'll check."

My vision immediately cleared to a foggy film. I saw her climb to the back where I was lying and touch my neck, checking for a pulse. I couldn't see where the gun was. She looked away into a bulky communicator.

"She's cold. I can't feel anything." Ha! That's all it took? Dear Willow, you used to be more thorough than this. You dreamed of being a detective since grade school... and this was all you could amount to? I bet I'm more skilled in combat than you are, Willow. Ehehe!

I quickly kicked her in the head, sending her and the communicator flying towards the front of the van. I locked her down on the floor, my eyes scavenging for the gun. Oh come on! It was only seconds ago she had it! Willow struggled in my grasp and tried to throw me off her back. I spotted the gun in her holster, pulled it out, and released her as I held the gun to her head with both hands. She held her hands up in defeat.

"Did you honestly think a measly metal pellet could take me out? HAHA!!!"

"Why are you doing this?" Why is it always the same question? Huh? Answer me that! "Whatever happened to the friend I could tell anything to? That I knew would always have my back?

That I- " *BAM!* Dead in a second! EHEHEHEHEHE!!!

I climbed out the back doors and I aimed the gun at the gas tank. I fired one shot. Ah, the marvelous sight of watching things explode! I swear I could discern a body part or two that flew out along with the fire and other debris. Kehehe! As I gazed jubilantly into the glorious flames and took in that satisfying smell of gasoline, I answered:

"That friend became an entertainer for GOD."

Friday, October 7, 2011

Ian I.

I'm being very cautious at the moment. I'm not sure where the loopholes started. The first 37 were killed in secrecy. Then I got bored with that. There have been more sightings of "Singing Zero" around lately. I dunno if people actually SEE me or if it's just some punk ass poser. Security's tight nowadays.

Truth be told, I haven't noticed this past week what's been occurring. I just find joy and entertainment in torturing my little lackey. Every time I mention Evan's name, she fires a round on me with her pistol. Handy little thing. I nicknamed him Shark. Hehe!

She's loyal, though. Or, as loyal as a stupid robot can be. She does whatever I ask - EXCEPT answer my questions. It's starting to really bug me. But, unfortunately, for the time being I'm going to need her.

Things are getting complicated.

My dad's friend heard about the autopsy report on Landon's death. Apparently, he's head of the investigation to catch me. Ha! Such a cute concept of cat and mouse. Cute, because I'm the cat. :)

He called me up on my cell and told me to see him immediately at his residence. That it was strictly business. And here I thought I was finally going to be confronted on any one of my family's deaths. Oh, heartbroken, yes I was! I was still surprised they had yet to find the body! Ha! Amateurs. They're keeping it quiet that Lexi died, as well. Ian noticed.

"Come over," he demanded. Really? You really think you're going to go places by BOSSING ME AROUND? Ugh.

"If I don't?" I challenged.

"I'll have you arrested." Ouch. That hurts, Uncle Ian. And I thought we were like family. Aww.

I hung up the phone. I was debating on not going. I still had to babysit the doll. Full time job, I tell ya. And what was that about arresting me? Please! After an entire year, I still haven't been apprehended.

However, there was that seed of doubt growing in my mind. Had he been so unfortunate enough to connect the dots to me through Landon and Lexi's death, I can almost be assured that the entire police force was in the know as well. The only way I could slip through was lack of evidence. ARGH! It was driving me insane! I had to know!

I grabbed Mel by the arm and dragged her with me the entire 7 miles it took to get there. Like hell I'm going to do that shit again. Oh, he was asking for it. We arrived at the house and I shoved her into the bushes. I scolded her every time she tried to get up until she finally complied to lie low. Loyal, yes. Stubborn, HELL YES. I finally approached the door.

"Come on in," Ian replied after about a minute of relentless knocking. Keep me waiting, will you! No, no, no!

I almost stopped frozen in my tracks when I realized Ian wasn't alone. There were two other's in uniform like the one Ian was wearing. What worried me the most was the woman in-between them, shrouding her eyes under the bangs of straight, blonde hair...

The guidance counselor of Evan's school.

They looked up at me with less then welcoming grimaces. "Sit down, Zero," ordered Ian. I did not move.

"Protocol, Officer Iclinic," reminded the larger of the two officers, who stood up with his correspondent in unison. I jumped backward.

"Don't touch me," I hissed. They lurched forward and seized my arms with one hand, the other patting my body. My heart began racing. Once they found Knight, I was done for...

The several seconds of checking for weapons dragged on for hours for me. When they were satisfied I was not in possession of a weapon, they guided me to an empty chair at the table they were all sitting at. Those closest to me leaned away to chance a better look at my profile. The farthest one away, the counselor, hid her eyes in her hands like she was moping. Ugh. Disgusting.

"Mrs. Banks has given her testimony on an Evan Locross, who was killed almost two weeks ago coincidentally on a school day where you announced you were going to kill him," stated the darker officer.

"I never used the word kill," I corrected. "I never stated I was going to try and take his life. Mrs. Banks is obviously skittish and old and can't remember the damn truth- "

"Where were you when Evan Locross was killed?" asked the taller officer.

"Off campus," I said. "Visiting a friend."


"Melandra Anderson."

Everyone went silent. I could literally hear the air moving around me as they each took turns breathing in and out. Ian was surveying me over the top of his adjoined hands. The woman never spoke. I felt their disbelief and tension. Most likely they noticed Mel's absence. Damn it. Should have never used her for my fucking excuse. I nonchalantly put my hands in my pockets and for once in my life I felt vulnerable all within one second. I could hardly steady my breathing. I had to force myself not to look down. No. NOOO! CHEEKY, SELF-RIGHTEOUS BASTARDS!!!

Knight was gone.

Oh no. Like FUCK I was gonna play their game anymore. I glared at each of them as they just sat there like they were retarded. I made sure to send extra vibes of hate towards Mrs. Banks, who never even ONCE made eye contact with me this entire time. Respect your killer, bitch!

"Can I go now?" I exclaimed. "Or should we go over the rules of how to play a staring contest?"

"Mel's whereabouts are currently unknown," replied Ian. "How can we be sure you're not lying?"

I threw my hands up in the air. "Well, I guess you can't. Go ahead, blame me for their deaths! Like hell you're going to catch the real killer by doing that! Who knows where Mel is? Probably dead in a ditch somewhere after killing herself to be with Evan. There. Are we done?" I stood up without an answer, to which the two officers jumped to their feet with me. The staring contest game between me and these guys went up to the level of Mexican stand off type of contest. I sighed and looked away.

"Look, I was upset and angry at Evan. I didn't know how to handle it so I went to Mel's to ask for help. We heard about Evan's death over the weekend. Mel left after that and I never saw her again. Ok?" Oh, I was getting into it. I had tears rollin' down and everything! I was the perfect stereotype of a sob story.

Again, they stared at me. Again, it was silent as a dead person. Then Ian, who seemed to find some earnestness in my eyes, told the other two officers to escort Mrs. Banks from his house to her own. The obedient dogs left without a word or protest. Soon, it was just me and Ian standing in his dining room.

"I'm sorry," he said after a moment's of silence. Geez, what, did these people think that time was money? "I had to eliminate every possibility... There's something else I wanted to tell you."


"Landon and Lexi are dead." He closed his eyes in expectation of I guess a waterworks show. "I'm sorry."

"Ah! Ugh! Oh! Uhuhuhuh.... hehehehehe, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Oh, it had been a while since I've seen an old man's face crinkle with fear and confusion! It was like his skin was made of oily paper that smelled like dirty socks. I continued laughing, the tears streaming down my face. I heard the crash of glass and the banging of wood; I'm sure in my moment of ecstasy I was knocking over all kinds of shit! Pft! He needed to clean out the house anyways.

"I know it's a lot to take in- " He shuffled towards me cautiously. I swung my arm around once more in a frenzy, the long nails gliding themselves across his face.

Hoh, how he stumbled away in pain and horror! HEHE!!! He collided with the wall, holding his face in his hands as the blood spurted from his cheeks and eyes. I leapt forward and grabbed his throat, the force of which banged his head back up against the wall. I imagined myself actually pushing the wall in attempt to move it, the force flowing ever so stronger through my arm with each passing moment. He struggled, one arm on mine and the other searching for his gun in his belt holster. It was too easy! I swear to you I took it in and out of the holster a couple times, snatching it away during the moments he was close to grasping the butt of the gun and placing it back when he would give up searching for it.

It only lasted about several seconds. Much to my dismay. Ehehehe! To heighten my interest, I allowed him enough air to ask one question.

He sputtered, trying to utilize what little air I provided him to try and form some audible words. Moments passed before he looked at me straight in the eye and grumbled:

"I was right. Your father would be so disappointed." I stuffed my free hand down his throat and choked him to death. Such a stupid way to end your life. Meaningless from the beginning, anyway. Don't you see? He died BECAUSE he was disappointed in me. Ha! Oh, of course you don't see you dead fuck. My bad.

I stepped outside after completing my work to set up the crime scene. I'm sure it would be a delightful portrait of a dead cop chained to his dinette table with three bullets lodged in his throat. I left behind a suicide note. Choking didn't work, and I got hungry so I decided to eat some metal. Khehehehehe...! Oh, it tickles me even now!

The first thing I saw was Mel standing over three bodies with a switchblade in her grasp. First, it annoyed me she ignored my orders and second, I was definitely livid to see that weapon in her hot little hand. Not a word was spoken as she returned Knight to me. I stepped over the bodies and after about gaining several feet in length, I heard Mel's steps follow after. Kah! It earnestly annoys me to acknowledge this.

That hallow bitch is handy after all!