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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Last of the Bread Crumb Trail

"Why aren't you working?"
Why don't you fucking figure it out.

"You could escape, you know. Before something rash is done."
You would like that, wouldn't you?

"Where is your mind?"

Monday was fantastic as you all well know. The following Tuesday nobody could get their shit together. Someone implanted a virus in the computer mainframes. I wonder who. Wednesday was a repeat of Tuesday. The two most boring days out my goddamned life. Thursday they got the computers up and running, but most if not all the files were erased. Or, as Miss Bitch likes to put it, "stolen." Please. Like they're of any use for your stupid organization. Friday was when things got interesting again.

We set out to the school for some investigating. Birnhaum insisted I come along for the ride. Oh joy. She wasn't going to let me out of her sight if she could help it. Made me feel like a fucking jackass in need of supervision at all times. You just couldn't tell if it was going to kick someone in the balls the moment your back was turned.

"Where was your mind that day?" she repeated. For the past ten minutes I was trying my damnedest to ignore this gaudy whore; it just wasn't enough for her to have us alone in the same squad car, was it? She knows what makes me tick (which that in itself pisses me off) and I knew she had a tape recorder on her the moment she started asking me questions (don't think I don't read your stupid "debriefs," Ella. Next time think twice before you go blabbing your fucking mouth off). But something about what she said at that moment... who was it that said those words to me before, if anyone did?

"What day?" I snapped. I don't read minds, bitch.

"When we first met," she clarified. "You stormed out suddenly in the middle of our conversation- " it was an interrogation. Don't fluff up the past with bullshit. "- Why was that?"

"You're a detective," I hissed, looking away out the window. "What do you think happened?"

She snickered. Ha! Arrogant slut. "Well," she calculated. "I would assume talking about the Man triggered something in your memories. Horrible memories at that. Still, your reaction was strange. Why run away? Why not share your pain with me? You seemed to hold a grudge against me ever since that day, starting with that conversation."

Didn't miss a beat, did she? "Just now bringing this up, eh?"

"Does it matter? Don't tell me you forgot."

I shifted in my seat. Our approach towards the school was delayed. She was going to drag this out no matter what. I sighed in frustration.

"I just thought we were a lot alike." That hurt like HELL. I had to grit my goddamned fucking teeth just to spit it out as coherently as my hissing would allow it. Admitting this wanted me to choke this bitch like no tomorrow. Ugh.

Honestly, I don't think she was expecting that answer. She couldn't respond for several minutes, by that time we had already arrived at the front of the school. Students were bustling this way and that and holding food in their hot little hands, sometimes stealing the food of another classmate in playful banter. Stupid high school. These are the true monsters just waiting to be fed the food to grow and kill fellow monsters. A birthplace of hell. Hahaha!

The other squad cars pulled up and we all stepped out of the vehicles, creating quite a scare amongst the students. Ehehehehe!!! I never realized until that moment how much power a police officer could have! But! My joyous moment lasted only the walk from the cars to the front office. The little monsters avoided us as much as possible, so their fear could not feed my lust for power. I was returned to the fucking reality that I was just another underling; a servant of the law. ERGH!!!!

Well, interrogations were limited; this campus was much more strict on police activity than apparently the detective's visit to the other one. Our search, therefore, became more direct. Ella handed the head administrator my school file. I didn't know if I hid my glares at the accursed piece of shit paper; if it was noticeable, no one commented. The administrator surveyed the contents of the file before meeting our gaze once more.

"I'm sorry to say," the old man groaned, "but I'm afraid we have no previous record of this student's education, nor the address of her residence. Everything farther back than one year ago is completely lost."

Ella did not look disappointed. She thanked him for his time and we left. That was it. Well, for our time at the school it was over. My own "conversation" was still left unresolved. Bold Bitch did not hesitate. She immediately lept right into the continuation of her interrogation the moment my door was shut.

"Why have you failed to report this to me sooner?" Was she seriously scolding me? Good-fucking-luck with that, you ass. "This explains Melandra's prone-ness to becoming a proxy and- " she turned her eyes away from the road to point those daggers at me. Oh great, go ahead, kill us both dumbfuck. I don't mind one fucking bit. "- it explains why he was there during your last infiltration of Zero's hideout." Sure, we'll go with that. Whatever. She abruptly returned her gaze to the road and continued her contemplation silently in her head. Thank God for the silence, but it slightly worried me.

The moment we arrived at the station, as if unable to hold it in any longer, these words spilled from her mouth: "I can't let you continue this case anymore."

What the fuck? You're fucking me off just because you can't handle the truth? "You goddamned, fucking hypocrite!" She snapped her head at me, almost in shock. I wondered if the recorder was on, but worrying about it slipped my mind. "YOU are allowed on the case because you're all Miss Important Detective but the moment you learn we're the same, you decide to scrap me?! Like FUCK I'm letting you get away with that!"

"This is serious!" she piped in. "I won't let you throw away your life it can be avoided!"

My mind went blank. Those words, this situation.... could it be I...? I kicked open the car door. "Play God on your own time," I bellowed, and shut the door with as much force as I could muster. I left her dumbstruck in the car as she clenched onto the steering wheel, watching me as I waltzed back inside the station.

I was sluggish the rest of the day. My mind was in major déjà vu mode I thought I might throw up. This is not the first this has happened. I know it will not be the last.

Still, I never thought this day would come. Ten years is a long time between sight and action, after all.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Anticipation Runs Deep

Blood boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and it's connection to every single organ in the human system would cause the cells to burn out. The muscles would become unable to contract or move; slowly but surely organs would melt in the confines of the body. Eyes would be bloodshot, perhaps even go blind, the brain would swell with the heat rushing into the skull. A red-out would most assuredly occur within minutes with death following soon afterwards in the unconscious state.

Yet there is a different way to make the blood boil without dying. It's one of the few things that brings out the worst in a person. HATRED.

I returned to work earlier the oh so lovely Monday morning. I already got a fucking slap on the hand by the goddamned detective for not doing so the first time. The bitch knows if I attempt to kill her now it means asking for death. Which might not be a bad idea, actually. Let's see if Death will pull through for me on this one, eh? No, that's the easy, cowardly way out. Besides, I haven't played a game in FOREVER. Looks like I'll need to brush up on my skills. Heehee!

The first thing on the agenda was a debrief. Cute little Bold Bitch up there just assumed the spotlight like she couldn't get enough of it. Demanding everyone's attention... and she thinks we're rude! Stupid fuck. It was the stuff I already knew about: Mel's dead, Kristen's found ("So glad she's finally returned to us after such a long disappearance" - Ella. Haha. Fuck off.), and NOW we're involving God into the matter. Miss Actor up there started tearing up saying how she hated to think she had to revisit the horrors of her past, but convinced everyone she would be fine continuing the case. Pft! Such a martyr.

Then things suddenly got interesting. "Lastly, I have information concerning Singing Zero," Birnhaum said. My eyes flashed to hers instantly. "I believe Zero has somehow infiltrated the police posing as one of our own." Oh ho, quite the amount of chatter that brought up! "I've concluded this from the amount of information Zero has been able to acquire in these past few months. In regards to Zero's accomplice, Melandra Anderson -" She glanced towards me " -I've tracked down a certain suspicious character that may be Zero in the flesh. Zero attended two different schools this year, around the time the killings became public. Sometime during this week I'm going to send several investigators, including myself, to the first school and scavenge for every detail we can get on our killer. Until you receive further orders, proceed with your daily duties and be on the watch for any sign of Zero you may find whilst here at headquarters. Dismissed."

Wonderful. How was it I was able to predict this? What a way to scare the shit out of everybody before the holidays, Detective Dipshit. Well, everyone filed out of the debriefing room and I didn't fail to notice I was alone with Ella when it came down to it. She smiled at me (your goddamned smile can go to hell, Ella. I know you're reading this), and it was one of those "you-can't-fool-me-bitch" smiles that you absolutely loathe. I grimaced.

"Getting hard enough for you?" she asked coyly. Oh, lovely. I have a first rate criminal pushing me into a corner trying to get me to crack.

"Any harder and I'll have to start using cheat codes."

"Why aren't you working?"

None of your goddamned business. "I haven't been assigned anything to do yet."

"Oh, that's right," she replied. "You didn't return to headquarters after your last mission so you couldn't do a debrief and assume another job." You're clearly not enjoying pouring salt fountains over the wound, are you? HMM?

I gritted my teeth and looked away. Or did I start walking out the door? The only thing I remember at that moment was seeing a veil of red.

"Hey," she called. I turned back to her. "Why are you doing what you're doing? What reason do you have to commit these things?"

"You ask as if you are conversing with Zero."

"Am I wrong to suspect so?"

I rolled my eyes. "First off, if I were Zero you'd be dead on sight. There'd be no Q&A going on."

"I see," she responded thoughtfully. "And you would know, hmm?"

"Secondly," I pressed on. "Zero would never reveal the reason why these people should die... That's what I think." I added. This time I knew I was heading for the door and grabbed hold of the handle before being beckoned one last time.

"You could leave, you know. Escape this place before something rash is done."

My BPM immediately spiked after hearing those words. "AND BECOME A RUNNER??" I bellowed, the breathes coming out hot and fast. "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. I'M NOT GIVING UP JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE ME CORNERED. I'D RATHER DIE."

I didn't see Ella for the rest of the day. I don't give a fuck if I put myself in a more dire situation now because of that outburst. The bitch can have as much fun with her game as long as she likes.

I'm not going to run away and hide.

Friday, November 25, 2011




This has never happened before. I can't even begin to express my fucking anger for this woman. GODDAMMIT ALL, I WANT HER DEAD. SHE'S A LIAR AND A GOOD ONE AT THAT!!! FUCK!!!

No. NO. No. I have to keep a cool head. I can't let this get to me. It's what she wants, that whore. She wants to see me break. See me SCREAM for attention. She wants me to reveal who I am. ALL BY MYSELF. Ballsy, little, slutty agent is NOT getting out of this alive. This is all just the consequences of my cockiness, I know it. I never learn to be careful and I'm not gonna start now. It's too late. If I leave now, it'll definitely reveal who I am and what I've done. I can't let that happen.

When Mel died I went out of my way to set up my own death. I started cutting away at my arms, legs, anything; just enough blood to convince anyone I was beyond help anymore. Mel's body was still horribly decrepit and morphed outside. Well, what was left of it anyway.

And just like that, Kristen Anderson and her sister were dead. Along with five other officers, but who the fuck gives a shit about pawns? I made plans that night to move on to a different city. It was going to be difficult to smuggle out a scythe with me and have it go unnoticed. Teleporting seemed like the reasonable option but who knew if I was going to transport myself into a city bustling with police units? Security was tight at the moment and I miraculously couldn't think of any fucking place to go to where they might not find me. So I had to grit my teeth and escape through the alleyways.

I only moved about at night for two or three days. I found a recently abandoned motel, recent because the electricity and water were still on. I cleaned myself up a bit and hid the scythe under a nearby willow. I scouted my surroundings but there was no one. I inched my way closer to the city limits, trying to appear normal in the crowd of bustling people. No one would recognize me, I still had that shitty hair dye still in after about a couple weeks. I reached an entrance to an underground subway, marking the end of the city limits.


"E-Excuse me? Miss Anderson? Miss Anderson!! This way!!"

FU-CKING GREAT. I turn around toward the direction of the voice and met with my wandering gaze a young, brown haired woman waving frantically at me. I would've mistaken her for a prostitute, she had way too revealing clothes to be an officer. I was cautious at first for I had never seen her before at the police station. So how did she know my name, do you ask? She walked over after she realized I acknowledged her beckonings and leapt right into an introduction.

"My name is Ella Birnhaum. I'm with the investigative department of the FBI. Won't you please follow me?"

Oh, sure, I could've made a scene and killed her with my own two hands. I was still facing many conflicting scenarios, however, and my curiosity eventually won over. So, we trotted along the yellow fucking brick road and ended up at a small diner underneath the starlight. I attempted to contain my composure, ignoring this woman as best as I could as she shuffled paperwork on the table in front of me.

"You are Kristen Anderson, correct?" Bold bitch. Rude, too. I would've loved to have learned the taste of a bold, rude bitch's blood at that moment. I'd probably have spit it on her face, it would've been so disgusting.

"Yes," I snapped. She appeared not to notice.

"Strange," she replied, holding a piece of paper up to her face. "It states your eyes are blue. Clearly as we sit here right now they are green."

I didn't respond. I didn't know who this person was. I wasn't about to let her get the better of me.

"Florescence to blame, then?" she assumed and without another word put away the paperwork. I jumped at that opportunity.

"How can I be sure you're who you say you are?" I accused. "From the investigation's department, was it?"

Oh, how that little cunt smiled and shook her head as if she were conversing with an idiot. "I do have identification with me but these days it won't suffice anymore, will it?" she laughed. "So, we'll start off with something obvious. I know about the one agent sent to work on the Mind in Zero case rather than the hundreds of others rumored to."

I still didn't believe her. Again, Bold Rude over there smiled in exasperation. She was enjoying this little game of her's, it was written all over her dolled up face.

"You would also have known," she added, "had you returned to the station headquarters immediately after your mission the identity of that agent as she had visited the station personally to finally lend a hand in the case."

Without expecting a response, I still stupidly asked, "Who?"

As if she had no other expression at all, she held her hands up next her head while smiling. My eyes flashed with a burning passion I haven't felt in my entire life. For that one time in my life, I understood the gravity of my existence. I walked right into a trap. I SET MYSELF UP FOR THE EXECUTIONER'S BLOCK. Lord knows it took EVERY ounce and atom of my being to keep from tossing aside the table and forever wipe that goddamned smirk of that bitch's face!!! And she knew she had me cornered, I could see it in those over-confident eyes of her. Oh ho, she was lucky I just conveniently left my scythe behind. The conversation would've ended right there at that moment. In a pool of blood. With her flesh shredded to tiny microscopic pieces. The smile would go first. HOW I HATE THAT FUCKING SNICKER OF HER'S. I WOULD HAVE TORN HER EXISTENCE OUT OF THE VERY WORLD SHE LIVED IN.

Without another answer, she boldly continued on. "Why didn't you return to headquarters after the mission had been completed?"

I just sat there like a fucking ten year old in the old hag's principal's office. I didn't have a satisfactory response. There was no reason why I shouldn't have returned and completed a debrief. Except...

"There was someone else there," I hissed, intensifying my gaze as if I thought it would just set her ablaze.

"Zero?" she inquired. Oh no, lady. I wasn't about to let her get the upper hand.

"No," I replied. "It was... a Man. He was tall and in a suit. I couldn't see His face. I escaped while He tore Mel into pieces like she was a rag doll. I wasn't sure if it was safe to return to the station with Him on the loose."

She looked away and nodded. "Reminds me *mumble, mumble*"

"What?" I snapped.

"Reminds me of my younger years," she repeated. "A tall, skinny man in a black business suit with various arms and absolutely no face at all. As if he never had one to begin with."

I cocked my head. "You know about Him?"

"Oh, yes. Indeed I do," she replied almost dream-like, staring off into space. "He tormented me when I was little, trying to convert me." What? "He made me see illusions whenever he was around. In a state of fear and panic, the bullet delved deep in the heads of my parents." I'm sorry? "My older brother became so depressed he drank himself into stupor until he eventually died of alcohol poisoning." Brother? Alcoholic? "His daughter did not particularly like him but when she heard of his death she was distraught and committed suicide." No... No, this can't be. "My father's friend was a police officer. He was like an uncle to me. But one night he was assaulted by a Slender Man witness gone mad and he was choked and shot to death." SHUT UP. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! "And my whole life I was forced to transfer schools, living alone without a place to call my own.

To call home."

CRASH!!!! The glass top of the table vibrated, the chair having fallen to the floor, and I upon my feet just seeping with anger. Lies. They were all LIES!!! HOW DARE YOU!!! HOW DARE YOU WAVE IT ALL IN MY FACE AS IF YOU DIDN'T KNOW!!! YOU WHORE!!!!

"Did I say too much?" she asked in a small voice. My nostrils flared.

"I'm very sorry, I have to go." I grabbed my things and bolted out of there. I couldn't handle it. I CAN'T HANDLE IT.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mel A.


Hehe! Oh, oh! I bet I can guess what YOU'RE thinking! Or can I? Are you fucking with my mind? Ah, I don't care! Kehehehe! Ah, need an explanation? Happy to oblige!

So, so! I went back to "work" at the little ol' police department and asked very firmly to continue with the case. If they didn't, I'd catch little sis anyhow! Oh, stick to the details, Zero. THEY MATTER MOST AFTER ALL!

It took about an hour to convince them to even CONSIDER me to take part again! Cruel bastards, policemen are! Of course, now that Kurt confirmed there really was a threat at Evan's residence (dying to protect me helped), they prepared to send in an assault squad. Apparently, although they had failed to tell me this initially (again, I reiterate, "cruel bastards"),  they tried infiltrating the house on multiple occasions whilst I was still in the hospital (the most BORING two fucking weeks of my life. But I digress too much. Hehe!). I think it was deduced that my presence was what drove little sis out from hiding! SO! Me, being the sweet innocent victim that I am (LOL), I agreed to be the bait!

So, we headed out around midday yesterday (it was yesterday, right? It feels like it all unfolded right now at this moment!). Fuckers tried making a circle around me on their way in. Hee! Hee! I wished I had killed them! BUT! Opportunity passed by like a bitch. With a palpitating heart eager for the next act to take hold, I played the role I set out to be.

Once more, for the last time, I stood in the middle of the house on the first floor, gazing at the glorious decorations I had so PAINSTAKINGLY put together. The torsos of Mr. and Mrs. Evan's parents were rot down to the worst kind of decayed flesh with flies and maggots just hording onto them. Their heads that hung from the ceiling reduced several times in size as the flesh broke apart. Most of the skull could be seen on either one; their eyes half eaten away by decomposers and time. I couldn't see the hand gloves or the legs, but last time Hydra had brought a leg out to torture Laura it was about half broken and frail as fuck. The blood on the walls dried to a terribly drab black-ish red. Is it wrong to think I was about to abandon the first and only home I ever had? Haha! Oh no, I sound your regular ol' sob-story! Onto the bloodshed then, shall we?

"Hydra!" I called. The men shifted around me, but they did not question what they presumed to be a "cute" nickname. "It's over, Hydra. Your time has come. Turn yourself in... or you will face a worse fate than being arrested by policemen."

What would've happened if she ran, do you ask? These words, which I repeated almost identically before, were the deciding factors of her miserable life. No, she knew running would be pointless. I'd find her; He'd kill her; it was obvious her usefulness ran its course. Still, we humans always wish to find that light, to escape our fate. Was she trying to fight her destiny? It's SOO much more entertaining to think she wanted to go out with a-

BANG!!!!! One officer went down, clutching at his chest. BANG!! A bullet whizzed past my left ear and another body crashed to the floor. BANG, BANG!!! Blood layered the floor as it oozed from the four bodies that lied dead without even a chance to fight back for their survival. One last officer and he was down just as quickly as the others. By my calculations (if she did not have any more magazines), there was one bullet left. Mine? Ideally, yes. I was perfectly defenseless; I never really knew where she kept the scythe. But, for some reason, that just seemed too easy.

The last shot was fired and my breath almost caught. I remained frozen. Nothing. No pain; there was no wound, only silence. No, there was mumbling. Mourning? I raced upstairs. OH, THE WONDERFUL SIGHT I WAS MET WITH!

Pitiful little underling. Tried taking her own life. Really now, if she had gone to God beforehand she could've kept her body as beautiful as she would've wanted it! Or, that's what she would've believed. Heehee! Foolish girl, now you've got an ugly little bullet wound in the pit of your right temple! I suppose there was some method to her madness; I think she disabled the rotary movements sector of her brain. Trauma, perhaps; or wishful thinking could've caused it. Oh, but it was a different story when I walked into the room!

She saw me approach her out of the corner of her eye and HOW SHE WRIGGLED UPON THE FLOOR TRYING TO FLEE FOR HER LIFE!!! As I walked forward, there was a noticably loud creak in the floorboards. I kicked it up and lo and behold! Just what I was hoping to find!

"What's wrong?" I hissed. The beautifully curved blade glistened. IT GLISTENED WITH BLOOD. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time!!! To hear her hoarse screams, to SEE those soulless eyes FLASH with FEAR and TERROR!!!! This is what you get for ORDERING AROUND YOUR SUPERIOR!!!! Hahahahahaha!! "I-I - Hehehehehe! - I th-thought you wanted - Pft hahahaha! - to die!!" Little worm thrashed about towards the window, gasping as she tried dragging along her exposed intestines I managed to cut out! I swung the blade in front of her, pulling her back each time she crawled closer to the window.

"I thought you wanted to be with Evan," I teased. I love pulling that card. I suppose that's the one thing I'm going to miss about that hallow bitch. Tears, TEARS! GOD, THE TEARS AND THE THRASHING AND THE CURSING AND THE BLOOD!!! I couldn't stop giggling! "Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, EVAN!!" Honestly, the best day of my life EVER!

Good and beat and tattered and covered in splendorous crimson, I struck the scythe through Hydra and into the floorboard. Whimper, whimper! Heehee! "You and I know," I said, leaning into Hydra's cut ridden face dripping in blood and salt water, "that killing a weak little proxy like you wouldn't be a problem for GOD'S PERSONAL ENTERTAINER LIKE ME, but why take a chance, ya know?"

I kicked the scythe away. I grabbed her collarbone with one hand and the base of her ribs with my other hand through all that blood and gore in the hole of her stomach. I swear, I think it was the sheer adrenaline doing it, but what does that matter? Well, out the window she went!

I'd like to believe God is looking after me. As such, he always knows what I'm doing. Perhaps it was not chance there He waited at the base of the window, overlooking the broken and feeble body of Melandra Anderson...

Honestly, though, I think I'm scarred for life. Don't get me wrong, I look for ANY and EVERY opportunity to find new, creative ways on killing my victims. So, what did I do? I witnessed God just fuck that bitch up like a rag doll. It... Was... Even I am at a loss for words. God... You truly are a sight to behold!

And because of You, I have been freed! Ah, I feel so light! So... happy! Heehee! And for all those left who dare rise against me...

I will hunt you...

I will find you...

I will take this wretched scythe...


Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kurt L.

I was interrogated the following day after Iris' death, as I was the one last seen with her. The tracker they put in her communicator went out several hours after she died and that was the time frame they were suspecting her of being murdered at. After long hours of devising a quick and simple story, the officers then came to the conclusion that I was meant to be the desired target (if it truly was Mel who was killing people instead of Singing Zero). They never said aloud this concern, but I was able to piece the puzzle together after they assigned a well experienced policeman to be my partner. At that time, he was in the criminal lab department which meant he was good at deduction and had access to limitless amounts of information. Hehehehe! Truly a great asset for conquering the stupid police!

I almost gave myself away when I asked him about the CIA agents and Secret Service people coming to participate about the Mind in Zero case. It was broadcast on the local news, but he turned to me slightly confused and suspicious.

"Shouldn't you already know? I mean, this is technically your case, isn't it?" I almost broke my composure; at first I thought he was referring to me as Singing Zero. A couple seconds went by before I realized Mel was supposed to be my sister. I took too long to respond, however, and he openly portrayed his suspicions to me.

"How long have you been in the police force?"

"Three years." I think this was around a day or two after the third of November. He had been spending that much time looking into my background and finally started talking to me again several days later.

"Kristen," he called. I turned slowly; I wasn't quite used to my new name yet. "I just got a lead to where our perpetrator might be hiding out. You and I are set to investigate the premises. You should get ready." I couldn't be sure if I was out of the woods yet, but I took his act of talking to me again a sign of trust.

We geared up in a matter of minutes and took a police car to the scene. It wasn't that long of a drive and that little window of opportunity would surely close soon. I made to ask again about the agents, but my partner, Kurt, beat me to the punch.

"You know how there was that announcement on the news about one hundred CIA and Secret Service agents on their way here to help with the case?" Did this guy read minds? I said yes and he shifted a little in his seat.

"That was a little lie we used in hopes we could scare Singing Zero out of hiding." Oh ho! Figured as much. I would've seen 'em around the headquarters if they were going to participate. "In truth, there's only one agent who's coming to take over the matter."

Eh? Only one agent? Pft! Didn't they know who they were dealing with here? And they dare insult me by only allowing ONE person onto their task force?! Did they think I was an easy adversary to take out? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You IDIOTS! You'll feel my vengeance yet, you fucking worms!

"Why only one?" I asked, fighting back the urge to start going on a rant. Boy, did this piss me off like hell! "He that good?"

"Apparently, she's the best." What the fuck? Okay, so the agent is a woman. Ha! No reason to hold back, then. Not that there was a reason to begin with. Ehehe! What, was this woman another person from my past? I fell silent for the remainder of the drive, trying to go through the list of people in my head who I knew. The process was interrupted as we pulled up to Evan's house and loaded our guns before stepping into action.

I walked right behind Kurt as he led us toward the front door. He motioned me to check the sides of the building for any cameras or for even Mel herself. I crouched below the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of Hydra. This wasn't precisely part of the plan, but I figured with us being the way we were it would be alright. I came back and gave him the all clear. He stepped back and kicked down the door.

Mel wasn't there. We checked the living room and kitchen, so we assumed she was hiding somewhere upstairs. I made to head up to the second story, but Kurt pulled me back and went ahead of me. I waited a moment or two before following. Again, we found no trace of Mel. I kicked several doors and closets. Where the hell was that bitch? All was clear. Kurt reached for the communicator on his shoulder. My adrenaline spiked and I pointed my gun to him. BANG!!! He leapt toward me and pulled me behind the bed of the master bedroom. I gasped as the blood poured from my abdomen.

"Officer down! Officer down!" he screamed into his communicator as he fired several times at Hydra. She didn't even attempt to dodge them. He stared at her in amazement as the bullet wounds seethed out the blood from her body, though she still stood and slowly progressed her way towards us.

"What the- ?" I kicked at the back of his knees and he dropped to floor. Hydra stopped and watched as I stood up holding my hand out to her while I gazed upon Kurt. Without another word, she reached into a loose floorboard and tossed me the scythe. Kurt collected his composure and finally turned to me.


I smirked, pointing the blade of the scythe at his neck. "The name of the agent, if you please."

"What's the meaning of this?"

"I'll ask one more time: the name. Give it to me."

"What are you?"

I squealed with delight. I love that question! Makes me feel more like the monster I am! EHEHEHEE!

"I'm God's entertainer. And you are my prop." I think the wheels finally clicked and he reached for his gun. He pointed at my head and fired... a blank. He became flustered at that moment when he realized he'd used up all his ammunition against Hydra. HAHA! Pitiful creatures, humans are, when they have no weapon to protect themselves with! Oh ho! But he was a foolish man! In the midst of my delightful laughing, he tackled me and grabbed my gun. I lied on the ground staring into the barrel of the gun. He fired.

GOD, THE HEADACHE I HAD FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. FUCKING BASTARD!! I tried fighting off the urge to scream and continue staring at him with as bored of an expression as I could muster.

"You done?" I asked, and without even so much as a response, I shoved him off me and swung the blade of the scythe into the pit of his stomach. He stumbled a little, but remained standing. I twisted the scythe clockwise. Ah, such sweet music a voice will make when in pain and despair! I twisted it counterclockwise. How the blood protruded from his mouth with the harmonious gurgling to go along with it! I retracted the scythe with swiftness and he fell feebly onto the carpet. I knelt down to look into his eyes and they blinked with a drunken stupor that was the sign of death approaching.

"The name?" He gasped a blood filled breath and proceeded to moan in pain. Disappointed and bored, I dug the point of the scythe into his chest ever so slowly, taking in as much of the joy of those blood curdling screams, the pathetic moans, and the wonderful spasms and twitches of the human body trying to subconsciously leap out of danger. The noise ceased several minutes afterwards and it saddened me to find my fun come to an end. I pulled myself back to the gravity of the situation and turned to Hydra.

"Take the scythe. Hide somewhere where they won't be able to find you," I ordered.

"What, I don't get a 'thank you'?"

I snapped my head at her, the wild in my eyes reflecting the absurd nature of her words. "Suck it, bitch. Who thanks someone who shot them? Now get to hiding before you face an even worse fate than being arrested by the police." She replied with a humph, and took the scythe on her way out. Other officers would be here shortly, but as it turned out I had enough time to set up the scene and make it look like we were practically slaughtered. Well, Kurt was. Heh.

I've had to sit in a hospital bed (with no internet access) for two weeks before returning to the job and again go through another interrogation concerning the infiltration of Mel's base. It's back to a sense of normalcy now. So, Mrs. Agent-Who-Thinks-Her-Mere-Presence-Will-Help-Solve-The-Mind-In-Zero-Case... We'll be seeing each other very soon. Be ready. EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!