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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mel A.


Hehe! Oh, oh! I bet I can guess what YOU'RE thinking! Or can I? Are you fucking with my mind? Ah, I don't care! Kehehehe! Ah, need an explanation? Happy to oblige!

So, so! I went back to "work" at the little ol' police department and asked very firmly to continue with the case. If they didn't, I'd catch little sis anyhow! Oh, stick to the details, Zero. THEY MATTER MOST AFTER ALL!

It took about an hour to convince them to even CONSIDER me to take part again! Cruel bastards, policemen are! Of course, now that Kurt confirmed there really was a threat at Evan's residence (dying to protect me helped), they prepared to send in an assault squad. Apparently, although they had failed to tell me this initially (again, I reiterate, "cruel bastards"),  they tried infiltrating the house on multiple occasions whilst I was still in the hospital (the most BORING two fucking weeks of my life. But I digress too much. Hehe!). I think it was deduced that my presence was what drove little sis out from hiding! SO! Me, being the sweet innocent victim that I am (LOL), I agreed to be the bait!

So, we headed out around midday yesterday (it was yesterday, right? It feels like it all unfolded right now at this moment!). Fuckers tried making a circle around me on their way in. Hee! Hee! I wished I had killed them! BUT! Opportunity passed by like a bitch. With a palpitating heart eager for the next act to take hold, I played the role I set out to be.

Once more, for the last time, I stood in the middle of the house on the first floor, gazing at the glorious decorations I had so PAINSTAKINGLY put together. The torsos of Mr. and Mrs. Evan's parents were rot down to the worst kind of decayed flesh with flies and maggots just hording onto them. Their heads that hung from the ceiling reduced several times in size as the flesh broke apart. Most of the skull could be seen on either one; their eyes half eaten away by decomposers and time. I couldn't see the hand gloves or the legs, but last time Hydra had brought a leg out to torture Laura it was about half broken and frail as fuck. The blood on the walls dried to a terribly drab black-ish red. Is it wrong to think I was about to abandon the first and only home I ever had? Haha! Oh no, I sound your regular ol' sob-story! Onto the bloodshed then, shall we?

"Hydra!" I called. The men shifted around me, but they did not question what they presumed to be a "cute" nickname. "It's over, Hydra. Your time has come. Turn yourself in... or you will face a worse fate than being arrested by policemen."

What would've happened if she ran, do you ask? These words, which I repeated almost identically before, were the deciding factors of her miserable life. No, she knew running would be pointless. I'd find her; He'd kill her; it was obvious her usefulness ran its course. Still, we humans always wish to find that light, to escape our fate. Was she trying to fight her destiny? It's SOO much more entertaining to think she wanted to go out with a-

BANG!!!!! One officer went down, clutching at his chest. BANG!! A bullet whizzed past my left ear and another body crashed to the floor. BANG, BANG!!! Blood layered the floor as it oozed from the four bodies that lied dead without even a chance to fight back for their survival. One last officer and he was down just as quickly as the others. By my calculations (if she did not have any more magazines), there was one bullet left. Mine? Ideally, yes. I was perfectly defenseless; I never really knew where she kept the scythe. But, for some reason, that just seemed too easy.

The last shot was fired and my breath almost caught. I remained frozen. Nothing. No pain; there was no wound, only silence. No, there was mumbling. Mourning? I raced upstairs. OH, THE WONDERFUL SIGHT I WAS MET WITH!

Pitiful little underling. Tried taking her own life. Really now, if she had gone to God beforehand she could've kept her body as beautiful as she would've wanted it! Or, that's what she would've believed. Heehee! Foolish girl, now you've got an ugly little bullet wound in the pit of your right temple! I suppose there was some method to her madness; I think she disabled the rotary movements sector of her brain. Trauma, perhaps; or wishful thinking could've caused it. Oh, but it was a different story when I walked into the room!

She saw me approach her out of the corner of her eye and HOW SHE WRIGGLED UPON THE FLOOR TRYING TO FLEE FOR HER LIFE!!! As I walked forward, there was a noticably loud creak in the floorboards. I kicked it up and lo and behold! Just what I was hoping to find!

"What's wrong?" I hissed. The beautifully curved blade glistened. IT GLISTENED WITH BLOOD. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I've been wanting to do this for a LONG time!!! To hear her hoarse screams, to SEE those soulless eyes FLASH with FEAR and TERROR!!!! This is what you get for ORDERING AROUND YOUR SUPERIOR!!!! Hahahahahaha!! "I-I - Hehehehehe! - I th-thought you wanted - Pft hahahaha! - to die!!" Little worm thrashed about towards the window, gasping as she tried dragging along her exposed intestines I managed to cut out! I swung the blade in front of her, pulling her back each time she crawled closer to the window.

"I thought you wanted to be with Evan," I teased. I love pulling that card. I suppose that's the one thing I'm going to miss about that hallow bitch. Tears, TEARS! GOD, THE TEARS AND THE THRASHING AND THE CURSING AND THE BLOOD!!! I couldn't stop giggling! "Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, Evan, EVAN!!" Honestly, the best day of my life EVER!

Good and beat and tattered and covered in splendorous crimson, I struck the scythe through Hydra and into the floorboard. Whimper, whimper! Heehee! "You and I know," I said, leaning into Hydra's cut ridden face dripping in blood and salt water, "that killing a weak little proxy like you wouldn't be a problem for GOD'S PERSONAL ENTERTAINER LIKE ME, but why take a chance, ya know?"

I kicked the scythe away. I grabbed her collarbone with one hand and the base of her ribs with my other hand through all that blood and gore in the hole of her stomach. I swear, I think it was the sheer adrenaline doing it, but what does that matter? Well, out the window she went!

I'd like to believe God is looking after me. As such, he always knows what I'm doing. Perhaps it was not chance there He waited at the base of the window, overlooking the broken and feeble body of Melandra Anderson...

Honestly, though, I think I'm scarred for life. Don't get me wrong, I look for ANY and EVERY opportunity to find new, creative ways on killing my victims. So, what did I do? I witnessed God just fuck that bitch up like a rag doll. It... Was... Even I am at a loss for words. God... You truly are a sight to behold!

And because of You, I have been freed! Ah, I feel so light! So... happy! Heehee! And for all those left who dare rise against me...

I will hunt you...

I will find you...

I will take this wretched scythe...



  1. FINALLY!!! jesus christ, i was getting tired of this women. i mean, it was one thing when she shut the fuck up and did her job, but the whole "emotional murderer" bullshit was starting to piss me off.


    fuckin hydra..

  2. EHEHEHEHE!! Quite the accurate observation!! I had not expected her to turn so fucked up at the end, but oh well!! Sometimes trash cannot become someone else's treasure. Heehee!

  3. Well, you obviously aren't excited about this. I'll at least congratulate you for getting rid of your nuisance. So, congratulations.