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Monday, November 28, 2011

Anticipation Runs Deep

Blood boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit and it's connection to every single organ in the human system would cause the cells to burn out. The muscles would become unable to contract or move; slowly but surely organs would melt in the confines of the body. Eyes would be bloodshot, perhaps even go blind, the brain would swell with the heat rushing into the skull. A red-out would most assuredly occur within minutes with death following soon afterwards in the unconscious state.

Yet there is a different way to make the blood boil without dying. It's one of the few things that brings out the worst in a person. HATRED.

I returned to work earlier the oh so lovely Monday morning. I already got a fucking slap on the hand by the goddamned detective for not doing so the first time. The bitch knows if I attempt to kill her now it means asking for death. Which might not be a bad idea, actually. Let's see if Death will pull through for me on this one, eh? No, that's the easy, cowardly way out. Besides, I haven't played a game in FOREVER. Looks like I'll need to brush up on my skills. Heehee!

The first thing on the agenda was a debrief. Cute little Bold Bitch up there just assumed the spotlight like she couldn't get enough of it. Demanding everyone's attention... and she thinks we're rude! Stupid fuck. It was the stuff I already knew about: Mel's dead, Kristen's found ("So glad she's finally returned to us after such a long disappearance" - Ella. Haha. Fuck off.), and NOW we're involving God into the matter. Miss Actor up there started tearing up saying how she hated to think she had to revisit the horrors of her past, but convinced everyone she would be fine continuing the case. Pft! Such a martyr.

Then things suddenly got interesting. "Lastly, I have information concerning Singing Zero," Birnhaum said. My eyes flashed to hers instantly. "I believe Zero has somehow infiltrated the police posing as one of our own." Oh ho, quite the amount of chatter that brought up! "I've concluded this from the amount of information Zero has been able to acquire in these past few months. In regards to Zero's accomplice, Melandra Anderson -" She glanced towards me " -I've tracked down a certain suspicious character that may be Zero in the flesh. Zero attended two different schools this year, around the time the killings became public. Sometime during this week I'm going to send several investigators, including myself, to the first school and scavenge for every detail we can get on our killer. Until you receive further orders, proceed with your daily duties and be on the watch for any sign of Zero you may find whilst here at headquarters. Dismissed."

Wonderful. How was it I was able to predict this? What a way to scare the shit out of everybody before the holidays, Detective Dipshit. Well, everyone filed out of the debriefing room and I didn't fail to notice I was alone with Ella when it came down to it. She smiled at me (your goddamned smile can go to hell, Ella. I know you're reading this), and it was one of those "you-can't-fool-me-bitch" smiles that you absolutely loathe. I grimaced.

"Getting hard enough for you?" she asked coyly. Oh, lovely. I have a first rate criminal pushing me into a corner trying to get me to crack.

"Any harder and I'll have to start using cheat codes."

"Why aren't you working?"

None of your goddamned business. "I haven't been assigned anything to do yet."

"Oh, that's right," she replied. "You didn't return to headquarters after your last mission so you couldn't do a debrief and assume another job." You're clearly not enjoying pouring salt fountains over the wound, are you? HMM?

I gritted my teeth and looked away. Or did I start walking out the door? The only thing I remember at that moment was seeing a veil of red.

"Hey," she called. I turned back to her. "Why are you doing what you're doing? What reason do you have to commit these things?"

"You ask as if you are conversing with Zero."

"Am I wrong to suspect so?"

I rolled my eyes. "First off, if I were Zero you'd be dead on sight. There'd be no Q&A going on."

"I see," she responded thoughtfully. "And you would know, hmm?"

"Secondly," I pressed on. "Zero would never reveal the reason why these people should die... That's what I think." I added. This time I knew I was heading for the door and grabbed hold of the handle before being beckoned one last time.

"You could leave, you know. Escape this place before something rash is done."

My BPM immediately spiked after hearing those words. "AND BECOME A RUNNER??" I bellowed, the breathes coming out hot and fast. "ALL BECAUSE OF YOU. I'M NOT GIVING UP JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK YOU HAVE ME CORNERED. I'D RATHER DIE."

I didn't see Ella for the rest of the day. I don't give a fuck if I put myself in a more dire situation now because of that outburst. The bitch can have as much fun with her game as long as she likes.

I'm not going to run away and hide.


  1. hmmm....looks like somone had bad memories of being called cowardly??? im not gonna pry my dear, but take it from someone who has lived a loooooong time. theres running, and theres living to see another day.

    but daaaamn looks like youve been busy while i was gone. you got rid of hydra, excellent. youve found the agent whos looking for you, very good. now if you can just kill her and not get nabbed by police you'll be aces.

    good luck zero. not that you need it ;)

    -H A C I M-

  2. Good to see you have not completely kicked the bucket, Hacim.

    I am confident I will defeat this agent; this is mostly the reason I refuse to run away. Perhaps one day I'll reveal those "bad memories," but to me that just makes me like a regular old sob story. But trust me, I will live to see another day once this whole goddamned thing blows over.

  3. well i guess thats the disconnect with me. if i were you id have cut this women throat already. are you purposefully trying to drag this out??? are you trying to fuck her with her own game????? if i was near you id probably understand, but from my point of view, your making this more complex then you need to.

    ah, fuck it. ill just watch the fireworks ^_^

  4. Ehehehe! My, aren't you intuitive! Looks like I got caught red-handed. Yes, Hacim, those are partly the reasons why I continue to play Little Miss Agent's fucked up game. I HATE losing and who here willingly plays a game with Death herself, eh? Ha! Discontent as I may be, I intend to have as much fun with this bitch for as long as I can!

  5. ah. thats what you meant by running.
    well, if your pride gets you fucked, im gonna laugh. but if you win, ill be slightly impressed. not that you give a fuck.