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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kurt L.

I was interrogated the following day after Iris' death, as I was the one last seen with her. The tracker they put in her communicator went out several hours after she died and that was the time frame they were suspecting her of being murdered at. After long hours of devising a quick and simple story, the officers then came to the conclusion that I was meant to be the desired target (if it truly was Mel who was killing people instead of Singing Zero). They never said aloud this concern, but I was able to piece the puzzle together after they assigned a well experienced policeman to be my partner. At that time, he was in the criminal lab department which meant he was good at deduction and had access to limitless amounts of information. Hehehehe! Truly a great asset for conquering the stupid police!

I almost gave myself away when I asked him about the CIA agents and Secret Service people coming to participate about the Mind in Zero case. It was broadcast on the local news, but he turned to me slightly confused and suspicious.

"Shouldn't you already know? I mean, this is technically your case, isn't it?" I almost broke my composure; at first I thought he was referring to me as Singing Zero. A couple seconds went by before I realized Mel was supposed to be my sister. I took too long to respond, however, and he openly portrayed his suspicions to me.

"How long have you been in the police force?"

"Three years." I think this was around a day or two after the third of November. He had been spending that much time looking into my background and finally started talking to me again several days later.

"Kristen," he called. I turned slowly; I wasn't quite used to my new name yet. "I just got a lead to where our perpetrator might be hiding out. You and I are set to investigate the premises. You should get ready." I couldn't be sure if I was out of the woods yet, but I took his act of talking to me again a sign of trust.

We geared up in a matter of minutes and took a police car to the scene. It wasn't that long of a drive and that little window of opportunity would surely close soon. I made to ask again about the agents, but my partner, Kurt, beat me to the punch.

"You know how there was that announcement on the news about one hundred CIA and Secret Service agents on their way here to help with the case?" Did this guy read minds? I said yes and he shifted a little in his seat.

"That was a little lie we used in hopes we could scare Singing Zero out of hiding." Oh ho! Figured as much. I would've seen 'em around the headquarters if they were going to participate. "In truth, there's only one agent who's coming to take over the matter."

Eh? Only one agent? Pft! Didn't they know who they were dealing with here? And they dare insult me by only allowing ONE person onto their task force?! Did they think I was an easy adversary to take out? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! You IDIOTS! You'll feel my vengeance yet, you fucking worms!

"Why only one?" I asked, fighting back the urge to start going on a rant. Boy, did this piss me off like hell! "He that good?"

"Apparently, she's the best." What the fuck? Okay, so the agent is a woman. Ha! No reason to hold back, then. Not that there was a reason to begin with. Ehehe! What, was this woman another person from my past? I fell silent for the remainder of the drive, trying to go through the list of people in my head who I knew. The process was interrupted as we pulled up to Evan's house and loaded our guns before stepping into action.

I walked right behind Kurt as he led us toward the front door. He motioned me to check the sides of the building for any cameras or for even Mel herself. I crouched below the windows, trying to catch a glimpse of Hydra. This wasn't precisely part of the plan, but I figured with us being the way we were it would be alright. I came back and gave him the all clear. He stepped back and kicked down the door.

Mel wasn't there. We checked the living room and kitchen, so we assumed she was hiding somewhere upstairs. I made to head up to the second story, but Kurt pulled me back and went ahead of me. I waited a moment or two before following. Again, we found no trace of Mel. I kicked several doors and closets. Where the hell was that bitch? All was clear. Kurt reached for the communicator on his shoulder. My adrenaline spiked and I pointed my gun to him. BANG!!! He leapt toward me and pulled me behind the bed of the master bedroom. I gasped as the blood poured from my abdomen.

"Officer down! Officer down!" he screamed into his communicator as he fired several times at Hydra. She didn't even attempt to dodge them. He stared at her in amazement as the bullet wounds seethed out the blood from her body, though she still stood and slowly progressed her way towards us.

"What the- ?" I kicked at the back of his knees and he dropped to floor. Hydra stopped and watched as I stood up holding my hand out to her while I gazed upon Kurt. Without another word, she reached into a loose floorboard and tossed me the scythe. Kurt collected his composure and finally turned to me.


I smirked, pointing the blade of the scythe at his neck. "The name of the agent, if you please."

"What's the meaning of this?"

"I'll ask one more time: the name. Give it to me."

"What are you?"

I squealed with delight. I love that question! Makes me feel more like the monster I am! EHEHEHEE!

"I'm God's entertainer. And you are my prop." I think the wheels finally clicked and he reached for his gun. He pointed at my head and fired... a blank. He became flustered at that moment when he realized he'd used up all his ammunition against Hydra. HAHA! Pitiful creatures, humans are, when they have no weapon to protect themselves with! Oh ho! But he was a foolish man! In the midst of my delightful laughing, he tackled me and grabbed my gun. I lied on the ground staring into the barrel of the gun. He fired.

GOD, THE HEADACHE I HAD FOR THE REST OF THE DAY. FUCKING BASTARD!! I tried fighting off the urge to scream and continue staring at him with as bored of an expression as I could muster.

"You done?" I asked, and without even so much as a response, I shoved him off me and swung the blade of the scythe into the pit of his stomach. He stumbled a little, but remained standing. I twisted the scythe clockwise. Ah, such sweet music a voice will make when in pain and despair! I twisted it counterclockwise. How the blood protruded from his mouth with the harmonious gurgling to go along with it! I retracted the scythe with swiftness and he fell feebly onto the carpet. I knelt down to look into his eyes and they blinked with a drunken stupor that was the sign of death approaching.

"The name?" He gasped a blood filled breath and proceeded to moan in pain. Disappointed and bored, I dug the point of the scythe into his chest ever so slowly, taking in as much of the joy of those blood curdling screams, the pathetic moans, and the wonderful spasms and twitches of the human body trying to subconsciously leap out of danger. The noise ceased several minutes afterwards and it saddened me to find my fun come to an end. I pulled myself back to the gravity of the situation and turned to Hydra.

"Take the scythe. Hide somewhere where they won't be able to find you," I ordered.

"What, I don't get a 'thank you'?"

I snapped my head at her, the wild in my eyes reflecting the absurd nature of her words. "Suck it, bitch. Who thanks someone who shot them? Now get to hiding before you face an even worse fate than being arrested by the police." She replied with a humph, and took the scythe on her way out. Other officers would be here shortly, but as it turned out I had enough time to set up the scene and make it look like we were practically slaughtered. Well, Kurt was. Heh.

I've had to sit in a hospital bed (with no internet access) for two weeks before returning to the job and again go through another interrogation concerning the infiltration of Mel's base. It's back to a sense of normalcy now. So, Mrs. Agent-Who-Thinks-Her-Mere-Presence-Will-Help-Solve-The-Mind-In-Zero-Case... We'll be seeing each other very soon. Be ready. EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!


  1. well shit. you are just a female fuckin version of gallows arent you??? shoot you in the face, the stomach, the legs, it doesnt matter, you just dont fuckin die!

    god damn! and the runners wonder WHY people join slendy??? YOU BECOME FUCKIN BULLET PROOF(or am i interpreting this wrong??? im to tired to think straight, so feel free to make funny of my puny human thinking of im waay off)

  2. Ehehehe!! It's quite comforting to see Gallows as an equal counterpart. You certainly do recognize talent when you see it, Ike! Though my debt to God is entirely different than Gallows', but nonetheless! The entertainment is still very mutual!

    Feel free to interpret the bullet proof factor, my dear. Lord knows I'll never tell you how it works. Heehee! ;)