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Monday, October 31, 2011

Iris L.

Preparations were completed several days ago. Dyed my hair and put in contacts and, as a final touch, I created an alias: Kristen Anderson. I knew they wouldn't question my identity, as I had previously implanted information into their data-banks regarding Kristen. I laughed hysterically; I've never been so nervous. The feel of adrenaline! The racing of my heart! Yes, yes! This is what it meant to be alive!

I told Hydra to stay behind and wait for my signal. So, with every step possibly leading me closer to my doom, I walked to the police station and stared at the door. I had to focus. I couldn't let my excitement get in the way. Slowly and deliberately, I strutted through the front doors and into the main office.

My, the number of people bustling around! To and fro; constantly in motion! I almost giggled with delight; it was almost as if they were squirming around in this tiny building trying desperately to formulate a plan to escape my vengeance! I composed myself and tried to seem indifferent with their movements, no matter how giddy it made me. I came right up to the front desk and waited until the man looked up from the papers he was signing.

"May I help you?" he chimed. Ho, it would have been sooo perfect if I had a weapon on me! Just like out of those movies! Sadly, I was defenseless and therefore was forced to play his little game.

"I wish to be transferred into this branch to take part in the Mind in Zero case. Here- " I handed him my I.D. and clenched onto the handle of my bag carrying a police force uniform. I decided to have Kristen formerly be from the branch from which my father worked at. I knew they would confirm my existence there; they would do anything to get stuff out of the way. After staring at his screen and surfing through my info, he stopped and looked up at me.

"Kristen Anderson?"

"That's me."

"You're related to Melandra Anderson?"

"Yes. What are you implying?"

He said nothing more, but continued to survey me. Finally, he reached for the communicator on his shoulder and commanded: "Officer Lang, take this young woman to the interrogation room."

I attempted to look bewildered. "What's this all about?"

He did not answer. Within seconds, a slim, female officer with blonde hair and hazel eyes approached the front desk. Oh ho! I was right in my notion to join the police! Once again, I've found a rat within the force who knows my identity! Really, now, is the entire family enlisted as police officers? More for me to harvest, I guess! Heehee!

The man whispered into Officer Lang's ear, to which then she motioned for me to follow her to the back of the room. There was a door, beyond which lied a small square room with only a long table and two chairs, one on either side. There was an observation window along with a security camera, and another door on the adjacent wall of the first door. Without a second thought, I sat down at the table as Lang sat across from me.

I don't like going into details about the interrogation. Too fucking boring, really. Honestly, I was ready to choke the whore for asking so many questions. The adrenaline continued to rise with every inquiry, and it was all I could do to keep a straight face. Finally, after confirming the truth behind my words, that I had no idea Mel was a suspect in the case, and made it clear it would not compromise my emotions concerning the case, I was allowed amongst their ranks. Ha! Gullible little shits, policemen are.

Well, anyway, the entire day was spent on testing how well I knew their procedures, which I passed with flying colors. At last I was dismissed, with Officer Lang to escort me back home. Cruel pathetic humans, actually giving up their lambs to the slaughter house! Ehehehehe!

We arrived at my base, and I made friendly conversation with Lang before the final goodbyes were made. She turned to bid me farewell. I removed the contacts.

"Such a waste you are, Iris." She didn't move, having noticed the change in both my eyes and demeanor. Oh, and the grin. Such a wonderful, murderous grin I have!

"You'll be disposed of yet," I went on. Her hand hovered over her gun.

"Come again?" she replied. Don't you just hate it when you have to repeat yourself? Explaining myself would be a pain in the ass, so I made things clear and to the point.

"I'm Zero, Iris, and you're not leaving here alive." Goodness knows I stunned her with such riveting news! Right around that moment I saw the glint of the blade of my scythe fall from the second story window of the base and I leapt up and caught it with ease, pointing it at Iris.

"This won't be like the days of our childhood, Cousin," I mocked. Still no response. Okay, let's make thing interesting. I ran forward. Iris only flinched her hand toward the gun, nothing more. I knocked her down with the butt of the blade. Dammit! Shoot, scream! I don't care what you do, JUST MAKE MY DAY!!! I kicked her, I swung at her, blood spattered on the ground, twilight began to set on the stage of this massacre. And yet, as minutes passed by, she still refused to fight back.

"Ironic, isn't it, Iris?" I started to get mad, which led to me screeching and laughing like a fucking hyena. "You, instead of I, end up being the one whose emotionally compromised concerning our case!" A tear streamed down from her face, and it ended the fun. Prey who think their victims can go to hell. Several more swings, the screams of human suffering, and the flood of raining blood, and it was over. Iris lied there, each limb having been severed from her body, her screams muffled by my shrieks of insanity. The most disappointing kill ever. As she started to faint from blood loss, I severed her head and watched it as it rolled a few inches away from the body. I glanced behind me and saw Hydra standing outside the front door, holding a garden hose. I pointed the scythe to her.

"Finish the job," I ordered. "Make sure you leave no evidence behind." Hydra, though a little reluctantly, came forward and proceeded to hack away at the torso with the scythe, and washed away the red pieces of flesh to be lost forever in the sewers.

Yes, Cousin, your death was ironic. Especially since when we were children, Iris, it was you who christened me with the nickname Zero.

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