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Friday, October 7, 2011

Ian I.

I'm being very cautious at the moment. I'm not sure where the loopholes started. The first 37 were killed in secrecy. Then I got bored with that. There have been more sightings of "Singing Zero" around lately. I dunno if people actually SEE me or if it's just some punk ass poser. Security's tight nowadays.

Truth be told, I haven't noticed this past week what's been occurring. I just find joy and entertainment in torturing my little lackey. Every time I mention Evan's name, she fires a round on me with her pistol. Handy little thing. I nicknamed him Shark. Hehe!

She's loyal, though. Or, as loyal as a stupid robot can be. She does whatever I ask - EXCEPT answer my questions. It's starting to really bug me. But, unfortunately, for the time being I'm going to need her.

Things are getting complicated.

My dad's friend heard about the autopsy report on Landon's death. Apparently, he's head of the investigation to catch me. Ha! Such a cute concept of cat and mouse. Cute, because I'm the cat. :)

He called me up on my cell and told me to see him immediately at his residence. That it was strictly business. And here I thought I was finally going to be confronted on any one of my family's deaths. Oh, heartbroken, yes I was! I was still surprised they had yet to find the body! Ha! Amateurs. They're keeping it quiet that Lexi died, as well. Ian noticed.

"Come over," he demanded. Really? You really think you're going to go places by BOSSING ME AROUND? Ugh.

"If I don't?" I challenged.

"I'll have you arrested." Ouch. That hurts, Uncle Ian. And I thought we were like family. Aww.

I hung up the phone. I was debating on not going. I still had to babysit the doll. Full time job, I tell ya. And what was that about arresting me? Please! After an entire year, I still haven't been apprehended.

However, there was that seed of doubt growing in my mind. Had he been so unfortunate enough to connect the dots to me through Landon and Lexi's death, I can almost be assured that the entire police force was in the know as well. The only way I could slip through was lack of evidence. ARGH! It was driving me insane! I had to know!

I grabbed Mel by the arm and dragged her with me the entire 7 miles it took to get there. Like hell I'm going to do that shit again. Oh, he was asking for it. We arrived at the house and I shoved her into the bushes. I scolded her every time she tried to get up until she finally complied to lie low. Loyal, yes. Stubborn, HELL YES. I finally approached the door.

"Come on in," Ian replied after about a minute of relentless knocking. Keep me waiting, will you! No, no, no!

I almost stopped frozen in my tracks when I realized Ian wasn't alone. There were two other's in uniform like the one Ian was wearing. What worried me the most was the woman in-between them, shrouding her eyes under the bangs of straight, blonde hair...

The guidance counselor of Evan's school.

They looked up at me with less then welcoming grimaces. "Sit down, Zero," ordered Ian. I did not move.

"Protocol, Officer Iclinic," reminded the larger of the two officers, who stood up with his correspondent in unison. I jumped backward.

"Don't touch me," I hissed. They lurched forward and seized my arms with one hand, the other patting my body. My heart began racing. Once they found Knight, I was done for...

The several seconds of checking for weapons dragged on for hours for me. When they were satisfied I was not in possession of a weapon, they guided me to an empty chair at the table they were all sitting at. Those closest to me leaned away to chance a better look at my profile. The farthest one away, the counselor, hid her eyes in her hands like she was moping. Ugh. Disgusting.

"Mrs. Banks has given her testimony on an Evan Locross, who was killed almost two weeks ago coincidentally on a school day where you announced you were going to kill him," stated the darker officer.

"I never used the word kill," I corrected. "I never stated I was going to try and take his life. Mrs. Banks is obviously skittish and old and can't remember the damn truth- "

"Where were you when Evan Locross was killed?" asked the taller officer.

"Off campus," I said. "Visiting a friend."


"Melandra Anderson."

Everyone went silent. I could literally hear the air moving around me as they each took turns breathing in and out. Ian was surveying me over the top of his adjoined hands. The woman never spoke. I felt their disbelief and tension. Most likely they noticed Mel's absence. Damn it. Should have never used her for my fucking excuse. I nonchalantly put my hands in my pockets and for once in my life I felt vulnerable all within one second. I could hardly steady my breathing. I had to force myself not to look down. No. NOOO! CHEEKY, SELF-RIGHTEOUS BASTARDS!!!

Knight was gone.

Oh no. Like FUCK I was gonna play their game anymore. I glared at each of them as they just sat there like they were retarded. I made sure to send extra vibes of hate towards Mrs. Banks, who never even ONCE made eye contact with me this entire time. Respect your killer, bitch!

"Can I go now?" I exclaimed. "Or should we go over the rules of how to play a staring contest?"

"Mel's whereabouts are currently unknown," replied Ian. "How can we be sure you're not lying?"

I threw my hands up in the air. "Well, I guess you can't. Go ahead, blame me for their deaths! Like hell you're going to catch the real killer by doing that! Who knows where Mel is? Probably dead in a ditch somewhere after killing herself to be with Evan. There. Are we done?" I stood up without an answer, to which the two officers jumped to their feet with me. The staring contest game between me and these guys went up to the level of Mexican stand off type of contest. I sighed and looked away.

"Look, I was upset and angry at Evan. I didn't know how to handle it so I went to Mel's to ask for help. We heard about Evan's death over the weekend. Mel left after that and I never saw her again. Ok?" Oh, I was getting into it. I had tears rollin' down and everything! I was the perfect stereotype of a sob story.

Again, they stared at me. Again, it was silent as a dead person. Then Ian, who seemed to find some earnestness in my eyes, told the other two officers to escort Mrs. Banks from his house to her own. The obedient dogs left without a word or protest. Soon, it was just me and Ian standing in his dining room.

"I'm sorry," he said after a moment's of silence. Geez, what, did these people think that time was money? "I had to eliminate every possibility... There's something else I wanted to tell you."


"Landon and Lexi are dead." He closed his eyes in expectation of I guess a waterworks show. "I'm sorry."

"Ah! Ugh! Oh! Uhuhuhuh.... hehehehehe, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!"

Oh, it had been a while since I've seen an old man's face crinkle with fear and confusion! It was like his skin was made of oily paper that smelled like dirty socks. I continued laughing, the tears streaming down my face. I heard the crash of glass and the banging of wood; I'm sure in my moment of ecstasy I was knocking over all kinds of shit! Pft! He needed to clean out the house anyways.

"I know it's a lot to take in- " He shuffled towards me cautiously. I swung my arm around once more in a frenzy, the long nails gliding themselves across his face.

Hoh, how he stumbled away in pain and horror! HEHE!!! He collided with the wall, holding his face in his hands as the blood spurted from his cheeks and eyes. I leapt forward and grabbed his throat, the force of which banged his head back up against the wall. I imagined myself actually pushing the wall in attempt to move it, the force flowing ever so stronger through my arm with each passing moment. He struggled, one arm on mine and the other searching for his gun in his belt holster. It was too easy! I swear to you I took it in and out of the holster a couple times, snatching it away during the moments he was close to grasping the butt of the gun and placing it back when he would give up searching for it.

It only lasted about several seconds. Much to my dismay. Ehehehe! To heighten my interest, I allowed him enough air to ask one question.

He sputtered, trying to utilize what little air I provided him to try and form some audible words. Moments passed before he looked at me straight in the eye and grumbled:

"I was right. Your father would be so disappointed." I stuffed my free hand down his throat and choked him to death. Such a stupid way to end your life. Meaningless from the beginning, anyway. Don't you see? He died BECAUSE he was disappointed in me. Ha! Oh, of course you don't see you dead fuck. My bad.

I stepped outside after completing my work to set up the crime scene. I'm sure it would be a delightful portrait of a dead cop chained to his dinette table with three bullets lodged in his throat. I left behind a suicide note. Choking didn't work, and I got hungry so I decided to eat some metal. Khehehehehe...! Oh, it tickles me even now!

The first thing I saw was Mel standing over three bodies with a switchblade in her grasp. First, it annoyed me she ignored my orders and second, I was definitely livid to see that weapon in her hot little hand. Not a word was spoken as she returned Knight to me. I stepped over the bodies and after about gaining several feet in length, I heard Mel's steps follow after. Kah! It earnestly annoys me to acknowledge this.

That hallow bitch is handy after all!

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