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Monday, October 10, 2011

Willow L.

I've set up a permanent residence now. Or, at least until a moment comes when I should leave again. Mel's redeemed herself after that little incident with Uncle Ian's stupid friends and witness. She began walking away when she heard I needed to find a new place to hang. I was considering on letting her go until I realized she was trying to lead me somewhere. We walked for a good twenty minutes, so we probably covered about a mile or two. Pft. If she hadn't lead me to Evan's house to use as a base, I would've kicked her ass for making me walk.

Some stupid adults already claimed my base as their own. They recognized Mel on the spot and just plain IGNORED MY EXISTENCE. They were apologizing for Evan's death; how they knew how devastated she was. They bombarded her with words of comfort for no less than a minute before she pulled out Shark and shot them point blank in the head. I swear, if there hadn't been a silencer on that thing I would've taken it and thrown it out the window. The loud noise of a gunshot never fails to give me a splitting headache.

"Hey, HEY! I didn't say you could kill them!" I teased. The doll actually GLARED AT ME. Ho ho! This was getting interesting!

I dropped the subject and turned to look at my new home. Ugh. What the hell is with the browns and yellows? It looked as if someone shitted gold on the wall. It was too bright. I turned to Evan's parents and carved up their pretty bodies, painting their blood on the walls and furniture. Mel used one of the kitchen knifes to dismember them and hung their heads from the ceiling on pieces of string. Kehehe! Quite the creative one, ain't she? I took out the bone and muscle from their arms and used them as gloves. Their torsos were placed on the couches as lovely pillows. Mel tried using the legs as brooms, but they were too flimsy. We've stored them in the pantry in case we need 'em to knock someone over the head with! Hehe! WASTE NOT, WHAT NOT!!

Satisfied with the new decor, I turned on the television and flipped to the news channel. OH, AND HOW FORTUNATE I WAS TO CATCH THIS HANDY PIECE OF NEWS!!! EHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!!!!

"Breaking News: We've just received word that approximately one hundred CIA and Secret Service officials have been asked to become involved in the 'Mind in Zero' case, regarding with the attempted capture of Singing Zero. As we all know, Singing Zero is estimated to have taken the lives of over 37 individuals within the past year- " Oh ho! Look, I made the news! Hehehe! Too rich, yes indeed!

I glanced over at Mel, who was staring blankly at the TV. "Hey, you damn robot. Do you know why they call me Singing Zero?"

"No." AH! SHE ACTUALLY RESPONDED TO ONE OF MY QUESTIONS!!! HA! I giggled as a snicker formed on my face.

"Well, it sounds weird calling me Happy Zero, doesn't it? EHEHEHE!!!"

Nothing. Honestly, no sense of humor that thing. I grimaced and turned back to the TV. "You know what Melandra rhymes with? Hydra. You gonna mind if I call you that from now on?"

"No." I threw back my head in frustration.

"Is that the only word you know, huh? Answer me, tin can!"

"No." Smartass. I jumped to my feet and walked out the door. I didn't hear Mel follow me.

I had to think. Not that it was a problem that the police were too wimpy to chase me down themselves and had to call in the big guys to do the job for them. The problem was how I was going to deal with that. I could kill them off one by one and draw out my entertainment, which is what I've been doing lately anyway. The only drawback was where to start. If I couldn't get close to them before they discovered my identity, I was done for.

I had walked several blocks down to a local park and just sat at one of the benches, staring at the branches. I felt serene there. The long, interlocking limbs of the trees reminded me of God. He was watching over me. I was safe. He wouldn't want to lose his prime form of entertainment now, would he?

I'm pretty sure I fell asleep or something. Things went a little foggy and I couldn't discern the leaves from the sky. The sun was blotted out. My body suddenly felt heavy. My perception seemed to slow several times from its normal rate. It was almost like the world was my personal movie. Yep. He was here alright.

Or... it could have been drugs. I would've preferred God's interference instead. I woke up and found myself in the back of someone's van. I didn't know how long I was out but if they were pawing at my body while I was unconscious, they'd be worse than dead.

It took me a moment to realize there was someone sitting in the driver's seat, surveying me from the rear view mirror. Eyes of golden hazel and hair of auburn red. Ah, but there were no glasses. Yes... I remember you.


"Hey, Willow," I greeted. I was in no way bound to prevent me from attacking anyone, so I could only assume Knight was again taken from me. "This is an unusual way to try and see me. You part of a secret society or something? That how you drugged me?"

No response. Fuckin' officials, thinking silence is a good tool for intimidation. She shifted in her seat. "You admit it, then?"

"I plead the fifth."

"It don't work like that."

"What grounds do you have to arrest me?"

"Well..." She took out a pistol, loaded it, and pointed it right in-between my eyes. "Seems strange you both share the same name Zero."

"Pft. Pretty fuckin' lame excuse." I leaned closer to her. She cocked the trigger. I smiled. "Come now little girl. You don't want to get involved."

"You're the one who's involved."

"OH?" She opened her mouth to reply. I tried to utilize that split second of opportunity as I flinched toward the gun. A round was shot. The ringing pounded in my ear. Everything suddenly went blank. I couldn't see anything. Couldn't feel anything. Just noise. OH GOD SUCH A LOUD, FUCKING NOISE. And a voice. Mumbling something.

"... I shot her. She made to reach the gun.... I don't know, I shot point blank.... Fine, I'll check."

My vision immediately cleared to a foggy film. I saw her climb to the back where I was lying and touch my neck, checking for a pulse. I couldn't see where the gun was. She looked away into a bulky communicator.

"She's cold. I can't feel anything." Ha! That's all it took? Dear Willow, you used to be more thorough than this. You dreamed of being a detective since grade school... and this was all you could amount to? I bet I'm more skilled in combat than you are, Willow. Ehehe!

I quickly kicked her in the head, sending her and the communicator flying towards the front of the van. I locked her down on the floor, my eyes scavenging for the gun. Oh come on! It was only seconds ago she had it! Willow struggled in my grasp and tried to throw me off her back. I spotted the gun in her holster, pulled it out, and released her as I held the gun to her head with both hands. She held her hands up in defeat.

"Did you honestly think a measly metal pellet could take me out? HAHA!!!"

"Why are you doing this?" Why is it always the same question? Huh? Answer me that! "Whatever happened to the friend I could tell anything to? That I knew would always have my back?

That I- " *BAM!* Dead in a second! EHEHEHEHEHE!!!

I climbed out the back doors and I aimed the gun at the gas tank. I fired one shot. Ah, the marvelous sight of watching things explode! I swear I could discern a body part or two that flew out along with the fire and other debris. Kehehe! As I gazed jubilantly into the glorious flames and took in that satisfying smell of gasoline, I answered:

"That friend became an entertainer for GOD."

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