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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Laura E.

I've made an executive decision! Ehe! Always wanted to say that. Makes me feel important.

I got rid of another rat. She got a lead from Ian and Willow's death. They had no name or picture to go off of to connect to those murders, but she knew. She remembered. Ho ho, I bet she wished she hadn't! Laura started snooping 'round Evan's school district, as that seemed the only anomaly that did not fit. Oh, how she got rounded up real good! I woke up this morning to Hydra dragging in a wailing and kicking police officer covered in dirt and blood.

"What mouse did the kitty-cat drag in this time?" I was still somewhat depressed. I hadn't killed at all, even with the new weapon I was able to acquire. I shoved Hydra aside to close the door and then turned to our prisoner. I was almost tempted to smile.

Laura had a few teeth knocked out of her. Bruise over her left eye. Hands completely destroyed. I think the blood on her face came from her nose. There weren't any gunshot wounds. Just a good beating! Hehe! Even in her piteously mangled form, I recognized her all too well. Who would have guessed my nanny of four years would become a cop! Quite the deadly guardian. Though, I guess I'm no better. Kehehehehehehehe!!!

"Z-Zero?" whispered the nanny. "Th-they told me you were de- GAH!!" Oops! Was that my foot in your mouth? Well, you don't seem to be complaining now! Hehe!

"Hold her here. MAKE SURE SHE STAYS QUIET. Gag her if you have to." I walked to the pantry and pulled out one of the legs. I couldn't tell if it was the male or female leg; it didn't matter much anyhow. I came back out and enjoyed the splendorous noise of screaming from the stupid whore! HAHAHAHA!!!

"Hold out her arm," I said, and swung as hard as I could at the elbow joint. She screamed in pain. I swung harder. It was returned with a wonderful crack! "Hold out her other arm," I ordered. Laura attempted to struggle, but Hydra got her in a headlock to make her stop. I broke her other arm. Then we moved to the legs! It took a little longer to break the knee caps, oh but was it worth it! Laura's screams were reduced to whimpers of pain every time she moved. Now that she was good and limp, I had the perfect game to play!

"Hey, Laura," I bellowed over her gasps of pain as Hydra held her up to her feet. "You know how you played dolls with me when I was little? HEHEHEHEHEHE!!! W-Well! To celebrate our reunion, that's just what we're gonna do!"

OH GOD, I wish I had recorded such fun! I controlled Laura's movements from behind and was able to steal Hydra's gun. Then we tried shooting that weasel! How Laura screamed in delight! Hehe! I threw Shark at her when the magazine ran out. Hilarious! Didn't matter that I missed. Hydra grabbed me from behind and took Laura. She tried cutting me with one of the kitchen knives! Although, I think Laura's flimsy-ness caused Hydra to cut her face and body now and again. Such wonderful blood everywhere!

Our fun was quickly interrupted when Laura's communicator went off from around her belt. "Officer Elden! What do you have to report?" Hydra paused and allowed me to grab it from Laura's waist.

"I couldn't find anything," I said. Both girls stared at me in amazement. "There's no evidence that this was Singing Zero's doing. I'd like to bring up a possibility, though." I waited.

"Go on, Officer." Kehehehehehe. Dense as door nails, I tell ya!

"This kid went missing several weeks ago. She was assumed to be dead, but I think she's the one behind these murders."

"What kid, Officer Elden?"

"Melandra Anderson."

Hydra dropped Laura to the floor with a loud thud and another cry protruded from Laura's lips. I grimaced. "Are you sure?" replied the other end. Oh ho! I guess they need a little demonstration.

"I'm saying that- What? Oh, God, no! Don't come near me! No- Stop!" I kicked Laura and she played her part perfectly! After her screeching performance, I broke the communicator in half.

"Dispose of the doll. I can't think with a squealing puppet in the background." Hydra didn't move. I growled with frustration. "Hey, you dumb fuck. I know you understand English. Or would you rather I spoke Proxy?" Again, nothing. Bitch was getting on my last nerves. "Okay, then," I said. "Let's go."

She stared at me, now confused. "If you won't follow my orders," I snickered, "I'll just have GOD dispose of you!" I could just SEE the possible scenarios running through her head. Finally, after about a minute or so contemplating, she complied and reached for Laura. I slapped her hand away.

"Dispose of her AFTER I kill her."


"All in good time." She moved aside. I grabbed my new weapon from underneath the couch and drew it out from the cloth. It was like a symphony! The handle fit smoothly into my hands and each and every movement swung the blade into a dance! So whimsical and dangerous! Hehe! Hydra had to stop me after Laura was reduced to little more than chunks of flesh. She gathered the bits of flesh and used them as fuel for the fire in the fireplace. What a magnificent glow human gore gives off when burned! Ha!

I sat on the couch a while, caressing the scythe in steady rhythm. People in the police force whom I knew. People in the police force who knew me. Covering up my tracks real good. Mel's takin' the blame. But who knows? Who else knows? Who else will DARE to try and find me? I didn't know. If I could, I...

"THAT'S IT!" Hydra snapped her head at me from the dining room, having been daydreaming out the window or some shit like that. "I know what I'm going to do." I stared at my reflection in the blank screen of the TV. Long shades of red and black framed a pale face that had the most wonderful evil smile I knew! The flash of green eyes moved away from the reflection to look at Hydra as I licked the blade of my scythe.

"I'm going to infiltrate the police force."

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