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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Avery I.

Poor boy. It's not everyday you get betrayed by the woman you love.

I knew Avery for a about a year. He was passionate about soccer and hated to lose. He attempted asking me on a date, but I rejected. He hated how cold I treated him sometimes. He believed he was a miracle worker and could change my attitude.

Avery, do you know the miracle of death?

He should have known better. I wouldn't have had any fun if he did, actually. He did not realize how easily bonds can break.

And he never will.

It was cute. Honestly, I would have loved to drag it out if he hadn't been repeating the same, boring things.

"Please! Please! I beg you! Let me help!"


"I'm sorry! Whatever I did, I'm sorry!"

Did he think this was over the homework? That he wasn't tutoring me correctly?

He invited me over to his house earlier this evening to study for a grueling test tomorrow. His idea of bonding time. Ha! His existence was already pissing me off, not to mention the fact I hate school to begin with. The bastard tried making moves on me. The dumb fuck thought I was his bitch. Holding my hand was the snapping point.

I pulled out Knight, my trusty switchblade. I held him up to Avery's nose like they were lovers. He backed away until the wall prevented further progress. Knight continued to slowly pursue. He was such a rascally devil. Always eager for the first draw of blood. Oh, the look on Avery's face brought such delight! Stunned he was, yes; and silent too. Only after the first slash did he squeal for his life! It gives me chills just reliving such a joyous moment! It was about now the child found his voice and thought I was the crazy whore in need of help.

I just love the color of a horny man's blood. You know what it looks like? Hot tar with a hint of iron. I would have continued bathing in it had not his ignorant parents pulled into the driveway. Ah, isn't it unfortunate when a gas line gets cut near a fireplace? Believe me, the result is the most wonderful sight to behold! I can still hear Avery's last words before becoming well done like a piece of steak.

"I love you, Zero Song."

Aww, young love. He was a good guy. Perhaps would've lived on as a professional athlete. Who knows? I have to admit, I am gonna miss him. Teasing a guy is only second to chopping him into pieces, but it's still delightful. Hehe!

I love friends, don't you? They can always be replaced should something "unfortunate" happen. Of course, that doesn't apply to best friends. No, no, no, best friends are completely valuable.

That's why Knight and I make a great team.

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