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Friday, September 23, 2011

Evan L.

I got rid of the mistake. Not that the general public isn't aware of my existence.

Singing Zero. Those who I've slain are categorized into a group called Mind in Zero. No one's yet connected the dots to me.

Until today.

I'll admit, I've been getting sloppy lately. Not so when compared to idiots called "witnesses" and "police." Ha! Forty people dead and they STILL haven't found me! This is almost too easy!

This is not to say I have a few hiccups here and there. After all, I don't have a lackey or two to help me clean up my messes. But that's just the way I like it. Reassures me I'm doing my shit right.

I was at the new school for about a week. The social class moron, Evan, was my first friend. He and this girl named Mel were a "thing." Ugh. How can anyone stand having their personal space invaded like that? Knight is my only exception. We're practically married. Anyway, there wasn't a lunch that went by without me having to witness smooch-fests between Evan and Mel.

"Oh, come on," I would say. "Get a room and fuck already." Those ballsie morons actually ignored me! And of course, those selfish pieces of flesh didn't give a damn when I would stand up and eat at another table. Oh, but they didn't mind following me! Clingy bastards.

Yesterday was a joyous day. Mel was sick and Evan was grieving. Such sweet music to my ears! The morning classes with him were more durable without Mel.

Then lunch came around.

Evan and I had little in common, so whenever Mel was gone to get more food or to piss he and I wouldn't talk. Oh, but that day had to be different!

"Did you hear what happened on the news?" he asked, not looking at me.

"No, 'cause the news is fulla bunch of liars."

"Three people died all round the same time about a week ago." Hey, don't ignore me you fuck!

"Yeah? You don't say." I leaned back onto the back two legs of the chair I was sitting on. "And 37 people died within this past year."

"You think it was Singing Zero?"

"No fuckin' doubt."

I couldn't tell what he was doing. My face was at that moment staring at the ceiling. He sighed.

"All those people had families," he whined. Oh, don't even start.

"So what? Dead is dead. Ain't no point in moping or worrying over stupid shit like someone dying."

Perhaps I was getting too comfortable with my life as an unsuspected fugitive. Or was I just bored that I hadn't been caught yet? Either way, I was starting to get reckless. Evan didn't speak to me after that.

This morning I was confronted by the guidance counselor at the school. And FORCED to go with her. Like, what the hell? The old hag sat me down and stared at me; looking as if she were half drunk with sleep deprivation. It was weird.

"I'm sorry to take you away from your morning class," she wheezed. "But I was told from another teacher that you needed counseling."

"Which teacher?"

"I can't answer you."

"Where'd that teach hear it from?"

"I can't tell you."

Fuck. "It was Evan, wasn't it?" I screamed. "I never told anyone else about anything and the bastard goes and blabs his big mouth!"

"DON'T use that language, Miss Song!" Was she literally telling me what to do? Ho, I would've killed the old hag had not I felt especially murderous for one person that morning. I got up out of my chair, knocking it over as I did so, and left while ignoring her pleas to persuade me from going.

I hid off campus until the bell rang at noon. I didn't want to have the hassle of a mob of teachers or police guards trying to find me around the school. I wasn't going to let some meaningless pawns get in the way of my work.

Then, mid-lunch, I spotted him. Alone. Mel was still sick. He sat himself on the grass outside. My body leapt forward without thinking. My rage got the better of me, yet at the same time it cleared my foggy gaze. Thank you, Evan, for reminding me what hatred feels like. Hehehehehehe!!

Before I knew it, I was standing almost right on top of him. Those puppy dog eyes of his knew why I was here. I didn't allow him time to speak. I grabbed the collar of his shirt and dragged him to the teacher's lounge inside the school building. It was empty, as is always the case during lunch. I threw that piece of shit onto the glass coffee table. It shattered into a million glass shards, red oozing from Evan's limp body. I stepped forward, trying to observe the damage. Two huge pieces of glass pierced him; one at the base of his neck and the other at his forehead.

Oh, no. No, no, no! He was NOT getting away with it that easy! He wasn't going to die until I said he could die! Knight reacted quickly to my rage. Between each slash was every insult I could think of that I could throw at the stupid snitch.

*Slash* "BASTARD!" *Slash* "MOTHER-FUCKER!" *Slash* "UNGRATEFUL LITTLE...!" *Slash, Slash, Slash, SLASH!*

It was only ten minutes long. It felt like eternity. I couldn't express the deep hatred I had for him. As I slowly regained my composure, a sudden thought flashed across my mind that made me laugh my ass off. Joyous! Momentous! OH, I WAS GOING TO GET HIM YET!

"G-Guess what?!" I shouted maniacally, grabbing his hair as I had done with Leah. "I know how to get you back REEEAAALL good! You love your little girlfriend, don't you? HEHEHEHEHEHE!!!" I smashed his face once more into the glass littered floor and escaped out an adjacent door that lead to a stairwell out to the back of the building. I can expect to hear the result of my artwork on the news within a day or so.

There is another reason why I like to work alone. BETRAYAL. I don't respond well when it is directed towards me. This is why I carry out judgment with only Knight by my side.

It is also why my complete loyalty is to my one and only GOD.

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