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Friday, September 16, 2011

Leah W.

It's been a while since I've had this much fun. Two days in a row, isn't that neat? And it's not even three yet. I'm on a roll today. What does this make, like 39? Ugh. I'm nowhere near half.

We had a minimum day at school today. No one's noticed Avery's absence. They thought he was sick. Pft. Such cruel and idiotic creatures we are.

Sweet little Leah was there to greet me after we were dismissed. We walked to the corner together and crossed the street, just chatting up a storm. Talking to her is such a joy! I think I might miss that sappy slut.

I stopped somewhere on the sidewalk right next to an alleyway between two buildings. The stupid dunce kept walking at least ten feet before noticing my actions. That pissed me off like you wouldn't believe. Just enough to get the ball rolling.

She walked back to me. I was staring at the ground.

"What's wrong?" rang her voice. I swear it was like a loud chime in my ear.

Have I mentioned I never leave the house without Knight? Yes, my lovely friend, always there for me. Unlike someone I know. Or, knew.

"I like you, Leah. You are a great friend. Perfect even!" She smiled and hugged me. Then the luxurious sound of gurgling and regurgitating filled my ears in place of that painful ring. She backed away from me, a gaping hole in the pit of her stomach with Knight bravely showing his face from the pocket of my jacket dripping in that sweet plasma. I licked his neck, savoring the taste of her pure blood.

She gave me that look of exasperation and pain. As in, friendship pain. People have this weird tendency to not say one word the first time they're struck. This I was glad for. I hated that high pitched bitch's voice. I laughed in response.

"Too perfect, actually. Boring, even." Those pure tears started forming. Ah, add some salt to that entree, eh? She began backing away on the seat of her ass. I grabbed her neck and pulled her further into the alley, holding her in place.

"Since you're such a perfect friend... I'll allow you one question."

The tears and the blood churned together so nicely on her face. Not her best look, but very amusing. She sobbed in-between several chokes and hiccups. The solution of salty blood ran down onto my hand, which only added on to my fire. Quite literally, I will do anything to keep from getting my hands dirty. Even spoil my fun.

I squeezed harder around her neck, closing her wind pipe. She tried pulling my arm away, writhing like a worm beneath my grasp. The more she squirmed, the more blood drenched my hand. Her lips moved without sound and her eyes began bulging out of her skull as she gazed up at the sky. Pretty blue, like her eyes. Finally, after my patience ran its course, her movements slowed until she became limp and still in my grip. I snickered and let go, watching as she crumpled to the ground like a broken marionette. I leaned down to stare at her foggy eyes.

"You wanted to know why. Is that right, sweetheart?" I grabbed the top of her head, holding a hand full of hair, and shook her head in agreement. Ha! Even a broken doll still brought about such entertainment. I dropped her and her nose crashed onto the asphalt once more. I stood up, savoring in the taste of the salty snack she left upon my hand.



  1. Because you can, all the reason ya need, boyo. I like ya, I like your reasoning. I like how little reasoning there is and it's all ya need. ;)

  2. Yes, it's so much more entertaining when the reason for killing someone is for no reason! I like to belittle my prey before bathing in their blood. Hehehe! X]

  3. Hello Child.

    You are intriguing.

  4. Why, Hello Mr. Saint! Hehe! I like that word, intriguing. Makes me feel psychotic. HA! XD

  5. Indeed you are.

    I will observe.