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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Landon L.

They won't find me. They don't even know I exist.

It's times like these where being a cop's daughter comes in handy. I've erased any documentations they might have had on me years ago. And searching under my current name will produce ten results, none of whom are me. All they have is a face and a voice. On the loose. In the middle of town. Thirsty for blood. Hehe!

I returned home later that Friday evening, completely drenched in Evan's blood. No one was there. I had time. I changed into more comfortable clothes, opting to keep a hint of the perfume of blood. These days have been so unsatisfying. I haven't tasted blood in a week! Stupid meddling children kept getting in the way. I was getting skittish.

The following morning, I heard a bang on my front door. I knew it had been broken open. I glanced out my bedroom door and found Landon, my dearest step-brother, limping into the house. Drunk again. Although I shouldn't complain. I would do anything to be that drunk on the sweet vapor of blood.

I walked to the kitchen, both of us attempting to ignore the other's presence. He was a joy, oh, yes, yes. The best comedian when he's drunk! Not so when he was younger. Serious as a door-nail, that he was. I would have easily bumped him off had I been converted to God's ways earlier in life.

I've attempted to convert him as well, but there isn't a moment that goes by that he's not drunk. He always thinks I'm the one uttering nonsense. Interesting. There is no more respect between family than there is between friends. Well, then, he shall deserve the same respectful punishment, yea? Ha!

But this time it shall be different. Oh, yes, this time I have something special for dear older bro!

I reached into the topmost cupboard. Landon was sitting at the dining table, muttering to himself. I pulled out a bottle of vodka and cranberry juice from the fridge.

"She still not want you back?" I asked. I proceeded to mix the drinks into a glass. He moaned in response.

"She won't take you back," I snapped.

"Shut up..." he whined. Depression is a bitch, ain't it? Especially when your only solution to cure it is to reach for another drink. To which I gladly provided!

"You're hopeless," I would say.

"Fuck you," he would respond, drinking down the glass like it was a shot of tequila. I refilled it.

"You're such a waste of life," I went on.

"Go fuckin' die."

The cycle continued for an hour. The insults kept getting funnier and louder. He couldn't see, couldn't keep his balance, and his breathing was slowing. Yes, that's right bastard child. Die by the hands of your savior!

This was for the best. Had I left him alive, he would surely go up against me. He actually disgraced my God. SAID HE DIDN'T EXIST. That was around two weeks ago. He still is deaf in his left ear. Maybe because it's been cut off? Oh, who can say! Hehehe! It would have been his mouth had he not struggled. Why can't you little ants just accept your death like you're supposed to?

I will never forget his last words before passing into a coma: "Just kill me. Fuck it all. There's nothing left for me." Happy to oblige, dear brother!

Oh, how lovely the caress of his sweet blood dripped down my skin! Knight was implanted into Landon's back, quite content with his share of blood. We were busy, yes we were! We got rid of every feature that pissed me off. His mouth was now a big gaping hole in the middle of his head. I scalped the hair from his head. He didn't wash it anyhow. I cut off his other ear so that he would match with the other. I slit his throat and attempted to destroy his voice box. The sound of an older sibling's voice irritates me to no end. ESPECIALLY when they're stupid enough to give you orders. Like you're a fuckin' dog.

So, the day started off good. I changed around noon when my boredom took hold and I barged out of the house. I had considered setting him and the house ablaze, but that seemed a little redundant as of late. It seemed so unsatisfactory to leave a perfectly dead body intact. So I chopped him into bits and hid the pieces throughout the house. Best game of hide and seek ever! Hehe!

I was armed only with Knight and my laptop. I couldn't go back now. The authorities would be warned of my residence from Evan's school. Finding a new home is the least of my worries, however. Remember how I told you my dad was a cop? They've yet to disable his account access to classified cases and information. They haven't been on top of it because too many cops have died recently. I wonder why. :)

Anyway, I've assigned myself a mission. Been a few months since I did one. Hey, better to serve God than to feel his wrath, no? And that's exactly who I'm seeing. After I pay a visit to someone whose address I was able to acquire. It may be a long shot, but I figure why not!

I'm going to take Mel to see GOD.

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