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Monday, September 19, 2011

Lulu I.

Ho ho! I should take care not to be so reckless! Oh no, no, this won't do at all! I am so disappointed in myself.

It appears we have an Einstein in the making.

I let slip a witness to Leah's death. Granted, it was in broad daylight. But who gives a fuck nowadays what other people are doing? The business is not yours, so divert your eyes before you meet the same fate!

Oh, I can tell it was just eating her up over the weekend. The news just released on Saturday a story about a little house fire that killed three individuals. REALLY? You dare disgrace me by ignoring my fine artwork until NOW? Whatever. That sparked it for 'Lil Lulu, though.

Yeah, she confronted me during lunch today! She asked about my date with Leah. Yeah, I was last seen with her. I asked what the big deal was.

The bitch actually ADMITTED to witnessing the death! HA! Oh, she wasn't going to get away with that!

Of course, she never accused me to being the murderer. No, no, because she looked up to me too much to believe it was so! Aww, I was a role model for the lost little soul. Why are all the sob stories the same?

Obviously I couldn't have her blabbing her loud pie-hole to the authorities about this. They are more assumptive assholes than a lonely little freshman. Plus, they would link ME to the other deaths. Oh, the flow of adrenaline! I had not felt it in years! This is EXACTLY what I needed!

I hushed her, saying that admitting such a thing was not for public ears just yet. I guided the little lamb to the bathroom stalls. No one else was in there. Not that it wouldn't have been a problem if there were. Hehe!

I couldn't lock the door without the janitors keys. Which meant I had to work fast. 'Lil Lulu checked the stall in the corner to make sure it was empty, her back turned towards me. It was like she wanted to die!

It happened in a matter of seconds. Knight was quick to take action and I guided him to the desired target. I leaped onto her back, one hand clamped over her mouth, with the other slicing across her throat with Knight. Her muffled screams came through the opening with a touch of blood gurgling out. I ran her head against the wall and shoved her into the corner stall. She grasped her neck, unable to speak. Before closing the stall to leave her to die, I gouged her eyes in case she was found alive sometime later. Witness murder now, bitch! HAHAHA!!

I cleaned Knight in the bathroom sink, both of us quite displeased that we were unable to have enough time to taste more blood. I heard Lu kick the stall door in desperation. I laughed maniacally and left the building.

I wasn't sure anyone found her yet, but it was around the end of lunch that I was confronted by two lovely men in uniform. I love their cocky attitude when they're given power of authority! They pulled me aside next to the gate surrounding the school. They both looked down upon me like they were my fucking father.

"Miss," began the taller of the two. "We've been informed at the office that you transferred schools over the weekend. You are trespassing on school property as of today. We need to ask you to leave."

Isn't it sweet when life just gives you a freebie!


  1. You should try to be more careful, Child.

  2. Oh, Mr. Saint, you're not actually worried, are you? Hehe! I do agree I was reckless, but it was a welcomed accident! Adrenaline, as I say, is the best kind of medicine. ;)

  3. I only worry that you will not learn. That you will not improve.

    But there is time.

  4. Hehe! Ok! I'll try to lay low... It's Knight you'll have to convince. XD

    Thank you for your concerns, Mr. Saint! Do you serve God, then???

  5. God? I serve my Father.

    Another name for the same man?

  6. Oooh! Interesting! Ehehe! You must be closer to him than I. Yes, yes, I do believe we honor the same man! :D